Friday, August 13, 2010

The Chosen One - Chapter 2d by Nova

"Okay." I told her reluctantly.  I liked the bunny.

She pointed at the bed and said "You might as well sit down so we can talk."

That made me happy. Her sitting as far away as she could didn't.  Still, she wasn't that far away. I wondered if she really had AID's. If she did what could I reasonably hope for from her that wouldn't get me sick too. A hand job would be nice.  I could live with that. It would be like my normal sex life but different.  I sat down and smiled at her.

She was sitting with her back very straight looking at me.  She did have beautiful eyes. Large, almost black, and they were liquid. I had never thought of that word before in relation to a womans eyes but it fit her perfectly.

"Quit staring at me and focus."

"Oh. Sorry." I told her. 

She gave me a tiny disapproving shake of her head. "Okay. Lets start by me making something clear. No. Sex. Not from me. Nothing. Nada. You got that?"

I thought I would wait awhile before mentioning hand jobs.  They didn't qualify as sex really...hopefully. "Yes. I got it." I bit back adding "What makes you think I want to do your skanky ass" but that would be rude and a lie.

"You promise?"

I looked at her. I mean really looked at her and wondered how old she really was because she looked like a scared little kid right then.

"Yes. I do."  I meant it. I think she caught that. I watched her relax a little, then the shields came back up and with them her face an attitude gained ten years.

We sat there, stared at each other, and then we both tried to talk at the same time. We both laughed and the atmosphere in the room lightened a lot. "You first." She told me.

"What was going on? You know..." I asked her

"You mean before you gutted those two assholes?"

"They caught me stealing and were going to teach me a lesson." She said it flatly.

"Were you?" I was really hoping the answer was no.

"I just said they caught me. Clean the wax out of your ears."  She was getting angry with me. I could hear it in her voice.  The problem was HE hated stealing.

"What did you steal?"  I was curious.

"Food. I would have taken anything I could have too."  She was defiant now.

I was relieved. I smiled. "That's not stealing. That's living." I hastily added "Unless you steal from..." I couldn't think of the word but then HE gave it to me "Your own tribe."

"Really?" She seemed relieved too. "Granny would have said it was wrong."

"Really?" I told her. "HE is okay with it. HE told me the time of vengeance is coming upon the rapers, the polluters, those that have stolen from the weak and the poor. The wrath of GOD is coming and THEY will pay. They will hang from the lamposts. They will die choking on money. THEY will be dragged behind the SUV's that sucked the blood from the earth and returned nothing but death to the creatures of HIS land!"

I stood up. It was always easier to talk then and I was feeling the SPIRIT coming upon me. "You think they care about us? Do you!" She shook her head and said "No."

"You're right! We are sheep to be fleeced. No. Worse than that. We are lab animals. They sell us poison as elixirs for diseases we don't have and when some of us die because of them they consider it a cost of doing business. They sold us houses, lied to us about the cost, took our money, and when we ran out because THEY blew up the economy with their greed and lost our jobs they threw us into the street!"

"Yes they did! Yes Lord!"  She replied.

"They tempted us with their fancy scientific advertising using Devil inspired whores to buy shit we didn't need and we did. Does this make us guilty?"

"No Lord!" She was getting into it.

"We are sinners LORD. Oh yes! We are weak. Yes Lord. Where were the ones who were there to protect the flock? Screwing whores and doing drugs. Taking bribes and telling lies. All of them. All of them! YES! All of them faces of the Devil!"

I lowered my voice "So what will we do? HE has taken the blinders from our eyes. He has shown us their evil ways. He wants us to go back to a better world. Yes HE does!"

I heard her faintly say "Amen!" The spirit was on me in force now. "What is the road? HE is road! What is the Road!" I was shouting.

Sharon yelled "HE is the road!"

"Yes he is. Oh yes. Let me tell you. I have seen the road. I have seen the road in all it's glory, pain, and joy. We are going to march down that road and take what is ours. Take it back I say. Oh yes! We are going to take it back from the thieves and the murderers. We are going to take it back and erase their stain from HIS eyes. Oh yes! They will pay. Oh yes. They will pay. I know this! Yes I do. I have seen the road. With my own two eyes HE has shown me this road. Do you know what it is paved with?" I looked out and refocused on Sharon. "Do you want to know what this road is paved with? Tell me! Tell me you want to know!"

Sharon whispered "Tell me."

I yelled "Their skulls! Yes! The road is paved with their skulls I tell you. Everyday we will wash it with their blood. Oh Lord! Yes we will!" Then like a switch had been thrown to off I was done. Done and tired too. I looked at Sharon. Her eyes were shining. She said one word in reply. One long drawn out sibilant word. It was "YES!"


  1. Powerful stuff!

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