Friday, March 25, 2011

The End of the Story

I hope you enjoyed it.

Next I am going to work on AA IV so it can go out. After that? I want to finish "The Chosen" and "The Mover." I am also thinking of doing another Gardener story.

Please leave a review if you have read any of my books. AA I is out there now and some people are less than happy with it. From the comments they believe I have besmirched the name of Jesus and other sins. For that they going to punish me with 1 Star reviews. The reviewer who said I had pimples too has been removed by Amazon. I don't.

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to read.



  1. hahahahaha... stoopid people who can't stand it when their invisible sky daddy is besmirched.

    I think I've already left a review for AAI, but I'll double check. Have a good weekend!

    I'm looking forward to more Gardener.

  2. Nova,

    Thanks for Diary of a Serial killer! It was a great read, and I found the references to the cities near and in my birthplace of Kiev chilling when coming from the diary of a Nazi. Especially Babi Yar. I picked up a copy of Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 on Amazon and am reading it through as well to get more history on the subject.


  3. Jennie,

    Thanks. Enjoy yours too. Yeah. I still have more Gardener in me.

  4. Amazon only allows one review per online persona, so I added to my review of AA1-Book-On-Demand edition. The 01Mar2011 edition is much more what the book-reading public expects from editing/spelling/continuity.


  5. Gene,

    Really? Interesting part of the world. I've been to Zakopane and Krakow. I saw as many Ukraine flags as I did Polish around there. I wanted to go to Kiev but it didn't work out.

    This is fictional as far as dialogue. All the cities an events, including the units mentioned were real and these actions actually happened.

    Babi Yar is a mind destroyer. The ground actually bubbled in the pits for quite awhile after the killings due to the number of bodies decomposing.

    There is a book written by a Priest who went around Ukraine and identified mass killing areas that were never marked. A surprising number of villages still had people who remembered the actual events. Ukraine, in between the Soviets and the Nazis was a killing ground for ideology.

  6. Thanks pdxr13,

    Ulysses Press is interested in this book too so who knows.

  7. I am rereading AA-I once again... slower this time so I can really enjoy it :)

    Those one star idiots need to get slapped up side 'o de head'

  8. Marquart,

    In a way it validates my writings on a possible post-apocalyptic America.

    What would life be like in a small town or rural area where they were the majority or had the majority of weapons?

    Myself? I suppose I would have three choices:

    a. Join their version of Christianity.
    b. Leave.
    c. Die.

  9. Recently got my Kindle copy of AA-1 and just read through it,II and III in one fell swoop or sell fwoop or whatever. Enjoyed mightily and now am doing Gardener Summer. Good stuff indeed. Ready for IV!

  10. skittles,

    funny. Perhaps kwooooop?

  11. can't wait for IV. hurry!

  12. I've read all the AA books so far. Love 'em.

    Please keep them coming.

    Thanks !

  13. I honestly hope that there is enough food and tradition to allow tolerance around these parts - maybe I'm just naively optimistic though.

  14. Unless he develops a cult of people who worship a smiley carved in the forehead, I think you already finished the Mover.

  15. bobn,

    I was thinking hat. Maybe a bandanna...

  16. Oops, replied in the wrong thread - good luck with your next session courting the muse.

  17. Nova,

    excellent story, sorry it took me so long to work through it, but these things happen.