Monday, May 9, 2011

Character List for AA Books AA 1 to AA 3


Thanks K!!!

Living Characters
Carol Morton
Sgt. Max Whelan
The Colonel
Murphy (Max's friend in Col's compound)
General Rupert J. Jones
Valerie, 9 and Mist, 7 (surviving twins from basement cannibal meat locker in retaking of Meadow Mills)
Josh, 20s (of ragtag group @ police station in retaking of Meadow Mills)
Ben, 35-40 (same as above; frmr strip mall architect)
Shane, 40s (same as above)
Jimmy (soldier on duty @ Meadow Mills police station)
Shayla (notably competent niece of Chief Rogers, see Survival Unknown Characters,*III*)
Zane Morton
Mrs. Greene (secretary @ Junior Warfighter School)
Mr. Lowell (principal? @ Junior Warfighter School)
Cameron (small village heir apparent)
Sheriff Smiley (@ diner inside Zone)
Charlene (secretary @ Zone Acclimation Center)
Mr. Freeman (kennel keeper @ Zone Acclimation Center)
Mr. Langer (G's acclimation class teacher)
Sherri (feisty Latino woman raped @ Zone Acclimation Center)
Pockmark (a.k.a. PFC Stark)
FED Deputy Marshall Lee
Lt. Grayson
Marshall Kelly
Mjr General Richards
Juan (gay Latino witness to body dump)

Deceased Characters
Shaun (G's first teacher) Decapitated by a whore
The Fat Man (pedophile in the woods) Gutted by G w/a gardening spade
Jackson (missing girl/Regina's boyfriend) Decapitated by G
Chief Grier (of Fairfax City) Skirmish w/Max and G
Patrol Sgt Willis (Fairfax) Skirmish w/Max and G
Tommy (Meadow Mills) Impaled and burned on top of farmhouse
Donna Unknown
Tommy's children Boy's head bashed in, girl unknown
Corporal Jane Singer (tank operator) Raid on Anchorage Hotel
Jake (Carol's 1st husband/Medic) Shot by G
McKinley family (mom, pop, 2 boys; Tommy's unwieldy neighbors) Ambushed by G and Max
Edna Jacobson (sharp elderly lady in Meadow Mills) Assumed killed in horde overrun of Meadow Mills
Gunny (ran armory in Meadow Mills) Skirmish w/Sheriff of Meadow Mills
Sheriff of Meadow Mills Skirmish w/Max and G
Faith Weiss (oldest person in Meadow Mills) Assumed killed in horde overrun of Meadow Mills
Kathy Lynn Frisbee (privileged cannibal of children) Hugged and stabbed in the back w/bayonet by G
Jefferson (ret. VA statie) Shot in rush on Meadow Mills police station
Dalton (FED) Eaten by Woof
Major Hollister (1st man in charge of town next to Meadow Mills during horde) Self-inflicted head wound
Brother Tom ("Christian" asshole) Decapitated by G
Elder Bob ("Christian" asshole) Shot by G
Kyle (Carol's youngest son) Unknown
Brother Roger (one of Meadow Mills' inhabitants post Max and G) G and his sword
Brother Al (same as above) G and his sword
"the Captain" (small village leader) Shot in ambush by Col's minions
Sledge (Zone Acclimation Center degenerate) Shot in face by G
Greasy Ink (same as above) Shot in face by G
Jesus (gay Latino) Throat ripped out by Woof

Survival Unknown Characters
Regina (missing girl, Fairfax City)
Tito (security officer @ Carol's shelter)
Martina (Latino vixen @ Col's compound)
Lucas (punk @ Library, Meadow Mills)
Rachel (sister/cousin to Diesel & Hawk, below)
Dakota (black Marine friend of Max's on trail from Fairfax to Meadow Mills)
Gillian "Gil" Rogers (mouthy asshole in diner)
Old Guy (work hungry vet)
The Pastor (of Meadow Mills)
Casey & "Bunker Busters": Glenda, Jonsey, Merle, Chad, Darlene, +1 unnamed female
"Big Daddy" (Casey's father)
Grace (herbalist)
Darkness (a.k.a. "Zit")
Junior (slow & frmr Marine) & Bill (toll booth operators, Meadow Mills)
Sarah Weiss (granddaughter of oldest person in Meadow Mills, Faith Weiss)
Eddie (original contact on Community Policing and Freedom Assistance package)
Denise from NJ (burner friend of Shelli's)
Brad from OK (burner friend of Shelli's)
Lenny (defacto militia leader)
Roger and Don (suspicious "good samaritans" who find G in woods outside Meadow Mills after his break)
Chief Rogers (Meadow Mills)
Junior (Chief Rogers' "running buddy")
Captain Scyuler (Mjr Hollister's successor, see Deceased Characters)
Phil & Bettina (helpful older survivors in Ohio)
Jose (another black Marine friend of Max's)
Ricky (Marine)
Loco (Marine)


  1. Hey Nova,

    I just wanted to tell you that I was in a Salt Lake City public library today, and I saw AAI in the "new fiction" display. It makes me happy to see your success. Congrats!

  2. Jonathan.

    Thanks! That's very cool.

  3. Under "Survival Unknown Characters":

    G offed Casey after he retook Meadow Mills.

    The "Bunker Busters" were all offed in the "You got a dog's head on yer leg" episode.

    Also, I don't see the RV folks that Casey's buddies killed and/or burnt.