Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Okay. That Didn't Last Long...Sort Of.

I am rewriting "The Chosen." It is easier to rewrite an almost finished story than create a new one. Plus I am finding I really like this story and have already changed it a lot.

Instead of publishing it here I have asked Jim at the Bison Survival Blog if he would run it as a guest post. I don't know if you have been to his blog but I find him very funny and realistic about what may happen. He is a lot better at actual survival knowledge and gear than I ever will be too.

The story should be showing up tomorrow or the next day.


  1. At first I thought the guy was nuts but like you said he is actually quite realistic in his insight. I check his blog feed daily. The internet Nazis block him at the office. Damn that place is starting to bore me.

    Glad to see your back.
    Jim in MO.

  2. Glad yo are back. Perhaps you can find some 'work' for the Mover as well. woof zzzzzzzzzzz........... wooof zzzzzzzzzzzz.

  3. Super! BTW What's up with IE? I have to use Firefox to comment. Nuts.

  4. Hey Jim,

    LOL. Yeah, I know the feeling.


    I was thinking about it today. When I first started backpacking a pair of Sears work boots, a pack, and a surplus Army bag was all I needed in Montana.

    A few years later you just had to have specialized equipment that cost a small fortune to backpack.

    I think weapons have gone down that road. Survival gear too. You don't really need a $2,000 rifle plus a high end sniper scope. Keep it simple, reliable, and know how to use your tools.

    You might have to pop a round at trespassers or confront burglars but if people really believe they are going to turn into middle aged SEALS overnight than reality is going to really hurt.

  5. Anon,

    Yeah, I am thinking about that too. Woof!

  6. Forrest,

    I don't know. I'm using it to do this comment.

  7. Loved the story, read it at Oh he whose hair is overly worshipped's blog.

    Definitely hooked. Writing is amazingly difficult, I got stuck in re-editing hell many years ago--book still stuck on page 240, lost the zeal for the story and the character after years away from it. I'm sure there are plenty of great writers out there, that don't ever finish, or don't go through the process of rejections with the major publication companies. I suppose the publish on demand companies at least provide an alternative--but without name recognition they tend to die on the vine. Best of luck. Viva de Chosen!

  8. Anon,


    I think there are some great writers out there who finish but because the state of the economy and book publishing industry will never be read. Just like there is a lot of great musicians. A lot is just luck I think

  9. nova,

    Will you be putting out as an e-book at smashwords.com as well?

    Glad your back, anyway.


  10. Thanks CJS,

    Yeah. That's my plan

  11. I'm glad you chose Bison's blog as the place to publish the Chosen story.

    Bison is out there on the fringe, but only when compared to his puritanical or the punch-pulling contemporaries. His Royal Hairness tells it to his minions, straight.

    Most other survival bloggers are too busy trying to cover for their sponsors unusually crappy service to readers; or they're still stuck in the hopelessly outdated political left-right paradigm, or else they're not emphasizing fundamentals enough (get out of debt, store what you eat and eat what you store, learn how to garden, etc).

    In short, a lot of survival bloggers are tragically flawed. Bison has his flaws, but what makes them so un-tragic is that he does not obfuscate them (and in fact, he openly admits them).

    Your writing style (and the content of your stories) has the same "vibe" as Bison's blog. I consider it a great fit.

    ...now if you could just drop a Chosen Part II series on us. That would make my summer. :)