Monday, January 2, 2012

The Contractor - Part 3 - by Nova

That was it! Saying "Yes" opened the doors for me and all that remained was doing my journey in reverse. Agent Johnson left me telling me he would be in touch and it wasn't until I got home that I realized he hadn't asked for my cell number. There were two different but still bored people who processed me out. Not a lot to that. They dropped a plastic ziplock bag in front of me and stared at me. I asked, "Do I have to sign anything?"  The bored woman told me, "You're done." I took my cell, wallet, thirty seven cents in change, and told her, "Thank you!"  The Agent that accompanied me looked amused.  She was good looking in a cold and old kind of way.  She was also totally bored looking too.  Working for the Fed's didn't seem very exciting or these people really needed to take a few days off.

She escorted me to the door, pointed at it, telling me, "That way" and was gone. I yelled at her disappearing back, "Do I get a ride?"  She didn't answer but the three people doing entrance security did, they laughed.  I muttered, "I guess not" to them and no one and walked out the door a free man.  

I checked my cell for messages, none, and thought about who I could call to tell about my adventure, no one came to mind, and thought, "That's pretty sad dude." Well, I shouldn't be telling anyone anyway. It would blow my cover.  Just thinking that gave me a thrill. I wondered if they would give me a badge or ID, something I could casually flash should the need arise. 

It was late and it was cold which was a good thing, it made for less people on the street.  I had nine or ten blocks to walk to get to my apartment if I went directly. I decided against directly. Too much of that was area that this late at night would be unwise to travel. I decided to take the longer, better lit way home. It would be a real bitch to get jacked and hurt now.

While I walked I kept one eye open for people approaching me, and gave the people sleeping in doorways some extra room, I thought about what happened. What puzzled me was "Why me?"  If the FBI wanted me as a contractor then all they would have needed to do was ask.  I would have jumped at the chance which reminded me I was going to have to ask if I got medical and dental too.  No, it had to be someone else. But who?  Did I fuck someone important guys wife?  Was it payback for that? I couldn't think of anyone I had hooked up with that looked like she came from money.  Maybe a daughter?  I hadn't hurt anyone and they all left smiling in the morning.  Well, except for that one who cried after she woke up but it wasn't my fault that she drank to much. I didn't get it.  What I didn't realize then was when it came to the Fed's overkill was everything. They didn't know how to do it any other way.


  1. Our tax biscuits at work.

  2. This is great stuff Nova. I'm glad to see you writing again. Just caught up through what I fell behind.


  3. Thanks Dreamer. Glad to see you came back.