Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Contractor - Part 4 - by nova

I put my life on rewind and started it again from my apartment.  A quick shower, fresher clothes, a beer, and I was ready to do this thing.  I even got there early enough to get some coffee but Mongolian girl was now where to be seen.

Instead of sitting in one of the chairs I found a seat on the granite planter that outlined a flower bed and tree in front of the deli.  I was going to play, "Spot the guy!" I wanted to see if I could recognize him before he could me. He had the advantage but I had put on a ball cap out of orneriness and because, well, I don't know why, just because I wanted too I suppose.  

Watching the people go by was almost interesting. Damn there were a lot of homeless now. Some of them I wouldn't have guesses except for their luggage. Watching them I realized that if you got all the homeless together with their wheely legged baggage you could fill a 787 bound to somewhere better. I was glad I didn't smoke. You lit up a cigarette out here and it drew "Gotta another ones" faster than the fat gay guy with the purse pooches dump did flies.

I was watching a really fine looking intern walk by when I saw a chubby, black, middle aged guy approaching. I was getting ready to tell him I didn't have whatever he was looking for when he said, "Get up and lets take a walk Dakota."

He laughed, I suppose from the look on my face, and said, "Yeah. It's a new world and they even let us be President. Let's go."


  1. Dakota is the poster child for face palms

  2. Funny, I hadn't thought of it that way but yeah...