Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's all about the money -nova

I was laying there, laptop balanced on my chest, thinking about maybe looking at some porn. It was a tough choice, porn, economic, or war news?  All of which were bad news though they all shared the same root; money, and degradation of others by the few. Cheery stuff when you thought about it that way which I usually didn't.  I mean, why bother? It was all happening to other people and my life had enough going on right now -- none of it especially positive.

Like most of my life my decision was made for me by someone else. This time by the sound of the garage door opening. I sighed, looked at the cat, who looked back, blinked, and was gone. "Fucking cat" I thought, "I feed your sorry furry ass but who's your best friend forever?"

I heard the staccato sound of her heels in the hallway as she came in, heels stabbing the floor as she passed my office, turning into the kitchen where the sound took on a sharper note as they impacted the Italian tile floor, not "tile" mind you, always Italian tile. 


A simple word but one that could carry a number of attitudes depending on how it was pronounced.  This was not one of the better pronunciations.  Someone was pissed.

I yelled, "Hey" back and got up to find out what today's problem was.

She didn't look at me as I paused in the entrance to the kitchen.  Her attention was focused on the mail she was sorting.

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