Monday, March 19, 2012

It's all about the money - nova

I watched her sort through it as she muttered, "bill, bill, mine, trash, bill, another god damn bill" and drop each one in its pile on the granite counter top of the island that ran through the middle of the kitchen. I knew she knew I was watching but that wasn't important.  What was important to her was what she was working up to and I knew it was not going to be pleasant.  Once I would have been ready for it, my adrenalin pumping, retorts forming like lightening bolts ready to be hurled, but now? I just didn't care.  It went nowhere and nothing changed. 

She swept the mail off the counter top, screamed "fuck!" and snapped her head around to glare at me. I almost laughed.  It reminded me of a scene from a movie I had seen a million years ago.  Damn, what was the name of it? Something with Linda somebody in..."   I was trying to remember her last name when Katie screamed, what! You think this funny? We're going to end up declaring bankruptcy at this rate!"

I studied her. She was still attractive as when we had gotten married nine years ago except it was marred a bit right now by her anger.  Once upon a time I could look forward to some decent sex after a blow out. Now?  Nada.  The distance would linger between us for days and another stone in the wall between us would be cemented into place. 

"I told you this was going to happen but you didn't want to listen."  I didn't raise my voice.  I just stated it.  She didn't like it. 

"We both agreed this was the right time to buy!"


  1. I totally understand how LIFE can get in the way of writing free stuff for us freeloaders -- but, as you know it does lead to future sales. Anyway, please don't suck us in, and then abandon another story right after we ARE sucked in.

    Gee-golly, if there is a problem, at least jot off a note saying, "lost it", "can't continue", or asking for suggestions.

  2. True. My apologies. I lost it but didn't. What I mean is life has gotten in the way but I will be back. Thanks