Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Lion - Part 3

The Lion, Part 3

My day pack is my life. I learned that the hard way. I only carry things in there that are special to me. I don't have many of them. I have lost too many day packs along the way to keep anything. I once had a box. It was metal and was painted with a picture of a girl and plants. I think, based on the writing on it, that it once held tea. A girl gave it to me. That also made it special. I lost it when I thought I had hidden my pack in a safe place. Now I was on my to the Lamb Center. As I passed by I saw a group of Hurters waiting out front. None of the people I considered friends were there so I just kept on walking.

There is a shopping center next to the center with a restaurant that has the best smells coming from it. I have only been inside once but I always like to walk on the sidewalk next to the windows and look in at the people sitting in the booths by them. The restaurant is called "Arties" and is very expensive. It looks like it is and it sure smells like it. All the waitstaff are young, White, and good looking. For awhile it was a magical place to me. One time I got up the courage to go through the revolving door. That was fun! I wanted to go through it again but I knew that it would make people stare. I had gathered up my courage and decided I would apply for a job there. I thought about it for days and days before I actually did it.

In my mind by the last day I already had the job. I pictured myself smiling and taking orders from rich people. The one blond waitress I had seen a few times through the window would be helping me. We would fall in love and I would stay at her apartment which I knew was clean and had a soft bed with nice smelling sheets. We would be very happy.

So I went through the revolving doors and was popped out in front of a desk with three women, all young and cute behind it. I was dizzy with excitement. They all said "Hello" and smiled but then their smiles got funny. They drooped an almost fell off their faces. Not quite though. If they had fallen off completely I probably would have run back out. I was excited and since in my head I had convinced myself I had the job I kept going.

"Can I help you?" This was from the one in the middle. She was tall. As tall as me and I am 6 feet tall.

"I'm here for my job." I realized right away that didn't sound right. "I mean I am here to apply for my job." That still didn't sound right but I was getting nervous and people were standing around staring at me and more were coming in through the revolving door. I realized then it was dinner time. I had forgotten that there was a dinner time and that restaurants got busy then. This was not at all how I pictured it happening in my head.


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