Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This photo is from the work of photographer Tom Stone. Click here for more. Browse his photos. Read the stories. Here is hers:

homeless robin from sonoma sitting in a doorway on the outskirts of hayes valley; she has two grown sons still there (one 22 and one 35). she doesn't see them much; but they speak often.
she recently got caught in the cross fire of a gang shooting. one bullet went through her arm. the other went through her groin and is lodged near her spine.
she says it's only by god's grace that she survived.
she lives on her ssi benefits; she chooses to live on the street rather than give it all over for housing.


  1. I took time to study each picture and read each story - the pathos he captures with the camera almost feels pornographic it is so sad.

  2. What a powerful picture. Our own grapes of wrath?

  3. Yeah. His photos are similiar to the 1930's ones taken by Lange. To me, this is what all economics comes down to. How many people get considered expendable.