Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Heartland - Chapter 3a

We woke up before dawn, sat for a while, and listened to the daytime world wake up around us. We watched as the village came to life. Nothing new here. I watched a guy come out of a house and enter the woods to take a piss. Sanitation was going to be a problem if the they didn't get power restored everywhere. Either that, or start digging holes for outhouses. The women would probably make sure something happened either way. 

I counted twenty two people here. Enough people to make a village but I wasn't sure it was enough to make a village work. None of the fields looked cultivated though there were a couple gardens.  I didn't see any sign of animals like cows and goats. Those had been devoured.  Same thing for chickens. Someone was going to make some money breeding animals and selling them from what I had seen so far.

This told me they were being supplied. The question was by who and where were they? Where they a threat? What did they have? Was it worth letting the Horde know? Could it be taken?   Damn, thinking about it made my head ache.  "Too bad. This isn't about you" This from the inner voice I called "Mr. Responsible Pain In The Ass."  Fortunately I didn't hear from him very often an almost never listened to him anyway. 

"Okay guys. You ready to go meet the neighbors?"

Ricky said "Yep" and Loco said "Sure."  They both looked at me, waiting I guess for me to tell them my plan. I didn't want to say "Yeah. That's all I came up with." So I added "Maybe they'll invite us for breakfast."

The two of them looked at each other, back at me, grinned, and Loco said "Right." 


  1. He likes to cheer himself up with dreams of cookies and breakfast.

  2. FSHB,

    Cookies are always good.