Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Lion - Part 11

Instead of going by my place in the woods I decided to go to McDonald's and see if Ana or Marie could part with some food.  I was hungry.  As soon I decided to do that I got even hungrier.  "Stupid stomach." I thought to myself as I stuck the trowel in my belt. It was kind of like a knife that way. "Armed and dangerous" I thought and laughed. 

I was surprised when I got there to see Ana, Maria, and Tina the shift supervisor sitting outside at one of the round like a hamburger tables.  They did not look happy. I kind of approached them at an angle. Just in case you know. Ana saw me, waved and yelled "Hey Brian! Come sit with us!" No one else looked enthused about that idea but I didn't mind. I liked Ana. Mostly because she liked me. Her and Maria always fed me when the bad shift supervisor wasn't around. I was hoping for an Angus Deluxe meal.  Tina was okay with them feeding me so I was already looking forward to it. I knew I would have to do some idle chit chat to get it. That part I wasn't looking forward to.

I walked up to them. I hated that they stared at me as I did too. It made me feel stiff. Ana was smiling. Maria, I noticed was crying silently. No wonder she didn't want to see me. Bad Things were happening. I could feel them.

Ana asked me as soon as I got close enough "How are you Brian? Where you been?"

"Why is Maria crying?" was my reply.

Maria answered me "Because Maria doesn't have a job anymore."

Ana said gently "We're all gone. They closed this McDonald's." Now she was looking sad too. Tina, sitting at the next table snorted. I guess that meant something. I wasn't sure what.

I was dumbfounded. "But...but everyone eats here!"  This was not good. "But I'm hungry!" God, I know I sounded like a baby as soon as I said that. Ana's face fell and Maria started to say something. It was going to be mean too. I could tell. Ana held up her hand and cut Maria off. "I know Brian. We all going to know how that feels soon..." Ana stood up, stared defiantly at Tina and said "I'm getting us all food. If they don't like it well fuck 'em." 

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