Thursday, June 3, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Heartland Chapter 9c

I had us headed towards the truck.  We needed it, or something like it, to get the hell out of here as fast as possible. I had a feeling that once who was ever in charge here got their act together they would be extremely interested in finding us.  I hoped to be forty miles down the road by then.  I figured that if I was in charge I would have staked out the truck just in case.  I was hoping that if they did that it wouldn't be local soldier boys in Humvees with machine guns. I doubt if they had anything heavier. At least I hoped so.  Even worse would be air support. I mentally shrugged and thought "In that case we are fucked."

The street we were on led to the corner of the block the truck was on.  If the truck was still there it would be about a half a block down on the right. I slowed the pace and started looking at what we were running past. It was a mix of storefronts, row houses, and the occasional nicer house set  a bit further back from the sidewalk.  I stopped in front of a two story storefront that looked empty. I waited for Thursday an asked him "Can you open that front door with that hammer of yours?"  He just grinned, walked over to it and swung. I thought he would whack it by the lock and we would have to push it in. Nope. He took the entire door down. I really liked that hammer.

I motioned for him to go in and waited for the kid. He was good. When we stopped he had plastered himself against the wall about nine feet away, crouched down, and was covering us.  I didn't have to say anything to him. He saw Thursday go in, and he was up and moving towards me and the door. Lowell may have been an asshole but the school looked like it hadn't been a complete waste for the kid.  He slipped past me and I followed him in. I grabbed the door and tried to fit it back into place as best as I could. "No use attracting attention" I thought.

Thursday was wandering around the room. There wasn't much to look at. Some shelving, a counter that had once held a POS terminal, and a woman's white shoe lying on the floor beside it.  I told them "Kid, watch that door. Me and Thursday are going upstairs and see if his truck is still there."  Thursday growled "They better not have touched my truck."  I ignored him and passed through doorway in the back looking for stairs. The doorway still had curtains hanging inside the frame to block the view into the next room.  Thursday should have cleared this room already. He hadn't, and I went into it with guns drawn. It was clear.

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