Friday, June 4, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Heartland Chapter 9e

I heard Thursday clumping along behind me. That man walked heavy. Maybe it was carrying the hammer or maybe he had rocks in his boots. Whatever. I knew I would never take him on a job that required stealth. Door opening? Yes. Sneaking up on anyone ? No. I wasn't worried, at least at the moment, of him dropping that chunk of metal on my head. I didn't sense any animosity towards me now. Probably because he was looking forward to hammering the soldier boys.

I paused at the door and told Thursday "Okay. What I want to do is walk towards them. When they spot us I want us to smile and wave. Got it?"

"Trickery. Sure. I got it" was his reply.  I yelled up the stairs "Hey kid!"


"When we get in that truck you best come running down them stairs."

He yelled back, his voice as high pitched as a girls "Got it!"

I pulled the door open enough for me to squeeze out, looked around, the street was quiet, and told Thursday "Okay."  I waited until he slipped out and propped it back up.  Then we started walking.


  1. Aloha Nova,
    If Freya started young and is getting older(maturing)- Is Thorsday going to get younger as time goes by? I always think of him as being 30ish-middle age- not crotchety old. That fits Odin. Just pondering stuff...
    And yah, You caught my drift with the sure footed truck... :) Semi-sentient???
    Ah the twisted web you weave,hahaha...

  2. Oh Yeah,
    Does the kid know about the Box of Truth and glass deflection? .223 is kinda light- course the following rounds will be on target if target is not moving... I think I remember you being familiar with the ol Box O Truth?
    Rock On!

  3. Smash the window before you start shooting. Why get fancy?

    Thanks for the fix, Nova. Thurs. is coming along nicely. Hearing the voice of a mythological figure is pretty cool. You're GE now-- you bring good things to life.

    (Sorry about the crud attempt at punnery, it was too long between installments. I got the shakes.:)