Thursday, June 3, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Heartland Chapter 9d

It also had been ransacked at some point. This had been a row house originally and this room had been the kitchen and dining room area. Someone had spent some money on moving walls an updating it into a nice break room. I wouldn't be surprised to find an apartment upstairs.  Someone had a dream. An upscale art and glass boutique maybe. They could live the small town dream, make some money, and never have to commute again.  Or maybe they sold sex toys. I would never know and I needed to focus on today.

"Hey Hammerhead." I was still irritated with Thursday. He should have known to clear the next room. Hell, the kid would have.

"What?" He turned to look at me. I wasn't sure if the "What?" was for the name or he was just responding.

I told him "Always check the rooms if you go in first. You never know who might be waiting."

He just stared at me. Actually glared would be more accurate.

"What." I told him flatly. "You got a problem?"

We locked eyes. If he so much as twitched an arm I was going to drill him. Fuck the noise it would make. He broke contact first, looked away, and mumbled something. I let it go. For now.

"Okay. Up the stairs. Lets see if anyone is watching your truck." I let him go first. That didn't go unnoticed by him. His smirk didn't go unnoticed by me either. I was right. They had lived above the shop. We did a quick tour of the rooms. Someone had tried to set the mattress on fire in the master bedroom. The other bedroom was a kids room. Someone had painted a unicorn on one wall. They had done a good job too. The unicorn was the only thing that interested Thursday in the place so far. He stood and stared at it until I told him from the door "We can see the truck from the window at the end of the hallway."


  1. nobody better touch thursdays truck or heads will roll.they should be careful the truck might get hungry it might tear who ever touchs it the wrong ways hand off

  2. i can imagine them going to the truck finding a dead soldier on the front of the grill of the truck shrunk up like a mummy with all his juices gone lol

  3. that would make an interesting gardner moment. gardner looks at thursday .thursday just looks back at gardner shrugs truck got hungry thursday says.gardner would be like wtf but with things going on he wants to get out of there and thats just a mystery for another day

  4. Well if Thursday's truck is smashed all he has to do is bless the remains with his hammer(if mythology holds true). Needless to say he would still be pissed.


  5. I can see Gardener getting his ass kicked and put in his place by Thursday. I don't think Thursday is going to be a pushover like G thinks.

    -LA Confederate

  6. I'm thinking that once the action slows down and Gardener has some time to reflect, he'll start to clue in on the fact that Thurs. is, uh, 'gifted.' Knocking a door off its hinges with one blow, collapsing a table with a tap, and the appearance of a lightening storm from out of nowhere that just happened to smoke a humvee, those are things that get replayed in your head when you've got time to think.

    Right now he's making a hasty retreat, trying to cover his six and avoid ambushes. He's busy. Even so, I don't think Gardener will be ever be 'put in his place.' He's dealt with Freya, knows she's got supernatural powers, but he doesn't take any shit from her. He's got no fear of death, he's an old school warrior, so I doubt he'll bow and scrape for anyone.

  7. Hiya Nova,
    Back from CO trip and lots to catch up on here-twas fun!
    Matt up above really cracked me up- Gthinking "wtf?" Lol...
    Saw some bighorn sheep out there- forgot how crazy nimble and quick they can be- boing boing boing up the rocks... ! It'll be interesting seeing what the truck has for surprises...
    Rock on!

  8. NoVa,this is a lot of fun to read.

  9. I would love the idea of gardener in the role of a put upon dad, stuck for the back trip between a cantankerous stubborn grandpa and a kid with 'tude.

  10. Heh, would be interesting to see what would happen and what an incarnation would do if Gardner tried to drill them. That would be a one time event I'd guess.

  11. Nah, not before he leeds him to Freya.

  12. Refresh, refresh, refresh, maybe he'll post at lunch time....

    OK maybe he's home by now... refresh, refresh, refresh.....

    [Synopsis of my day] ;)

  13. Sorry. I just didn't have the words til I got home.

    JO...Yeah...I remember seeing mountain goats as a kid.

    I never even thought of the truck as a living entity....that would be kinda cool.