Monday, May 9, 2011

Gardener Fall - Chapter 2d - by nova

"You got lucky Thompson. I'm your lawyer." He didn't seem pleased. In fact he went pale. I laughed. "C'mon," I told him. "Lets go see the Judge."

"You got to be shitting me. Max is the Judge?"


He went paler. I grinned at his reaction and said, "C'mon pale face. The Chief is waiting." He didn't get it. Instead of yukking it up with me he looked like he wanted to run.

"Bad idea. You can run but you wont get far. Plus your innocent. What can go wrong?"

He looked at me and tried to grin. He couldn't quite pull it off. Even with the great teeth it looked like the rictus of a man dying in great pain. An appropriate response, just a little early.

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