Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gardener Fall - Chapter 2b - by nova

Night pulled away from Shelli and we all arrived in front of Max and Freya together. Night didn't like public displays of affection, it was a cultural thing, I usually ignored it anyway. The way I looked at it was in between running ahead of everyone and side trips like the last one I wasn't seeing, let alone feeling enough of her. So I looped an arm around her, gave a quick hug, and let her go.

"Hey." I waited a couple beats an added, "So why is he still alive? You waiting for me?"

Max grinned, and said "No. We're going to give him a trial and then kill him."

"So when did we become a democracy?" I asked.

Night answered "Since we got bigger and a few other reasons."


"Like we will talk later." Then Night held my look, looked at Max, and then back at me. Okay, I'm slow but I got it. Secret subtle shit must be going on. Well, no surprise there. Hopefully it wouldn't require a meeting.

"So how are we going to play this Max?"

"You get to represent your guy and Ninja gets to represent his. Let them each explain what happened, if they want to call witnesses let them, then speak for them if you want to."

Ninja looked puzzled and asked the question I wanted to which was, "Who gets to be the Judge?"

Max grinned and said, "I do."

Freya decided her was her turn to talk. She looked at us all and said, somewhat pompously I thought, "We always cut off their hand and sent them naked into the forest."

"Did they get to take the hand with them or did they go empty handed into the deep dark woods?" I asked her straight faced. She looked at me a little suspiciously and said, "Empty handed." I looked away for a couple beats to hide my smile. As I did Max told Cruz "Start it up." Cruz yelled "All right people. Lets do this!"

I starting walking towards Thompson. Night kept in step with me for a few seconds, long enough to mutter "Funny", smile a half smile, and walk over to stand with Chief.


  1. ". . . hopefully it wouldn't require a meeting . . ."

    G's the man. :]