Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gardener Fall - Chapter 4 - by nova

Two days later Ninja and I were just outside of camp on our way to run some drills with what I was calling the Scavenger Squad when we heard them. The sound sent a chill down my back. I signed my people to "Hide," and faded myself flat on the ground.

I was in the open and knew better than to run for the closest bushes. I didn't have the time and I sure as hell wasn't going to be caught running across a field by unknown helicopters. Helicopters because it sounded like more than one of them.

I popped my head up like a fucking gopher trying to simultaneously scan the horizon and check my people. Two thirds of my people had made it to some kind of reasonable concealment. The rest, including Ninja were spread out around me. I sure as hell hoped that some deranged dickhead fed hadn't designated this area as a free fire zone. It had to be the feds. No one else could still afford this kind of shit.

They went over us fast and low. The .50 gunner on the door off the big one saw us. No fire, a swooping bank as the Apache in the lead overflew the camp and then pulled up and started climbing.

I knew it was an Apache. Anyone who played online would recognize one. The little stubby wings hung with their death pods while underneath the pilots hung the 30mm canon that always reminded me of a little dick. The other helicopter was a Sea Stallion or something like it. I was remembering how much I hated these death birds as I got to my feet and yelled for Ninja.

While the Apache went high the Sea Stallion banked and came back towards us. That's when I realized it was landing and it planned on doing it damn near on top of me. I brushed myself off and signed the ones in the tree line to stay put. I wanted the rest on me. Hopefully they would understand. I doubted it. I never liked the black plastic guns but the comm stuff was great the army had was great stuff.

Ninja was next to me and staring at the Stallion which was hovering about 500 paces from us. My people were picking themselves up and running towards us from where they had taken cover. The Stallion door gunner was taking this all in. I looked at Ninja who was staring at the them, mouth open, and told him "Better close your mouth dude before you eat a stick."

"What are we going to do G?"

I checked to make sure he closed his mouth before I answered him with, "Greet them, what else?"

The door gunner who had been slowly swinging the barrel tracking people as they moved towards us let it center itself on me. I flipped him off and told the crew "Let's go see what they're selling this week."


  1. GREETINGS. What can we do for you Fed's today?

  2. Didn't G get rid of the cell phone? Must be time for an update from Marshall Gardner or maybe a new assignment? Can't be anybody important or there would be a Loach running point for the Apache and the Stallion.

    Good story as usual.

    Jim in MO.

  3. I had the same thought Jim; The Marshall's got another assignment, and this time bring Max since he's back on active duty.


  4. The first thing I think of after this scene is that famous Ronald Reagan quote:

    "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help."