Friday, July 29, 2011

The Unknown - Chapter 2b - by nova

Chapter 2b

He laughed. As answers go I find that laughter for a reply is never a good sign. I waited until he stopped, it wasn't long. He mumbled, "mmmm...yeah. Next convoy isn't due through here until tomorrow." He looked me over and added, "No offense Mister but if we get regular people passing through they ain't going to be to eager to let you climb in with them."

That made sense. "No bus or cart service?"

"No. Been talk that one might be starting up but as usual, its been nothing but talk. Going to be kind of hard to do since the road gets real bad in places once you get 20 miles or so north of Kanab. How did you get here?"

"Took the old Kanab road until my bike busted a fork."

"No shit. Did..."

He didn't get to finish. The same door I came I in busted open and the same scowl faced young man I had passed earlier rushed into the room. He barely made it a step into the room before I was back on my feet, both guns drawn and cocked, one pointed at sleepyhead, the other at him.

Two things saved his life. The AK was at port arms and he yelled "Dad!" as he came through the door. He froze in place when he saw me. We all did. Sleepyhead handled it better than I expected. He told the kid, "Damn it Jacob. I hope you fed the cat." Jacob relaxed. I didn't. I told him, "Jacob. Go tell your backup it's okay." He looked at his dad who nodded and then he yelled out the door, "We got a cat!" Now I understood. Safe words and phrases.

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