Thursday, September 22, 2011

Possible Good News

I may be getting a contract for "The Chosen" and two follow-up novels. That would be very cool in a lot of ways. If you have read it and could post a review on Amazon I would appreciate it very much. It might help influence the publisher to take a chance on me.



  1. Congratulations, nova!

    Be sure to let me know when you hit Houston on the book tour...


  2. An author friend of mine and I were talking about her perspective on the publishing biz. She has experienced the physical book publishing and the on-line publishing, which she says are negotiated very differently and sometimes in separate contracts.

    In any case, always have a clause that all rights revert to the author after a set number of months (the number of months it takes to remainder out the books without paying the author royalties is a fine duration, but it should be a hard date on the contract). All rights means ALL RIGHTS to all forms of media (current or future), characters, toys, beach blankets, lunch boxes, collectible Gardener Ruger handguns, etc. -all-inclusive-.

    Doom lit is hot right now! Ride the wave for what it's worth and buy silver pre-1965 US coins with some of the royalties.


  3. pdxr13,

    Yeah. I joined the Authors Guild. They have a legal person who will go through your contract for you. The catch was I couldn't join until I was published.

    The other problem is some publishers won't do that. I asked for it and was told "No." Writing is a lot like the music biz. You have no leverage until you sold a lot of units.

    Right now I am a nobody. Twenty years ago I would have been a midlist, at best, author.

    I run a check on Amazon of my publishers books ranked by popularity and the Trader Joes Cookbook is doing better than me. So is LOL Cats.

    It is what it is. The other big deal is digital rights.

    I have the merchandise and movie rights for AA I and II. They didn't have any problem with that because the odds of that happening are slim to none.

    I am glad I have the people who comment here. It's a big deal to me. I think if everyone quit commenting my words would dry up. You are what drives me to right. The idea that people like it, or have ideas, or whatever.