Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Unknown - Chapter 11 - by nova

Chapter 11

When we were about 3 miles out of town I told her to stop the truck as I wanted to walk in to town.

"Okay Babe."

She hadn't stopped smiling and that was a little weird hearing myself called "Babe." I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. I did like that smile. I knew it was bogus but I felt more studly then I had in a long time.

"See you in town." With that, a little wave of the hand, and a foot on the accelerator, she was gone.

Watching her pull away I found she had also driven off with my studly feeling. Left in its place was a little bit of foolishness and a lot of alone. I shrugged it off and started walking. Not many minutes later I was cursing my loaner boots.

The air smelled clean and there was little to no wildlife noise. Not like Virginia where every morning in good weather the birds, and an occasional paranoid squirrel would be busy wildlifeing. Not here. Here is was slither and reptile crawl except for the occasional jack rabbit making a run for it. I liked it most of the time.

Having Lance was turning out to be a big help. My leg was still acting up but it was feeling a little better. My plan was to find a place to watch the town for a bit, go get my boots, and get a shower and change clothes. Maybe even a shave. If I got real lucky the place to eat might even have desserts.

I found a place to observe and got comfortable. I watched for about 15 minutes and realized I was hot, hungry and could be smelled from about a mile away from the horse blood. Plus the flies were annoying the hell out of me. I decided to hell with it. It was time to go get my boots back


  1. Arizona flies - almost as big as Alabama flies and twice as mean.


  2. I found american apocalypse at the beginning of august. I have now read everything I could find on amazon and your blog. This is the most addicting series of stories I have ever read. I can't get enough. Favorite moment- when gardener gets his gear back from the feds in the zone, fist to his chest and screams to the sky....epic.
    Thanks for writing and keep up the good work.

  3. Forrest,

    Yeah. We had a corral behind our house and a remember rolling up newspaper and me and my sister having a contest who could kill the most. I killed 108 and she killed a couple less.

  4. Anon,

    Thanks for reading. Appreciate your comment

  5. Circle-flies?

    Old farmer gets pulled over for speeding. He's not happy - knows the young-buck cop is just squeezing him...

    The cop stupid talking several times to swat at flies, then rips off his hat & starts swinging at them...

    "them circle-flies botherin' you, huh?"
    Cop says "circle-flies? Never heard of them before..."

    Yeah - we've got lots of 'em out at the ranch... We call 'em ' circle-flies' because they're usually circling around the back-end of a horse!"

    Cop got insulted! "HEY! Are you calling me a..."

    "' Course not, Officer! Why, I've got entirely took much respect for the law to go...."

    "Well, that's GOOD!" Said the cop - " because..."

    "kinda hard to fool them FLIES though, idnit son?"

    ; o)

  6. "The cop stupid talking..."

    Is really

    "the cop STOPPED talking..."

    Damnyou, Swype!