Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Contractor - Chapter 1e - by nova

We walked to her hotel room with her setting the pace. She was moving us right along and snapping heads with every step. We talked as we walked, her name was Bridgette, and I told her mine. She liked my name, repeated it a couple of times, and told me it sounded it like a cowboys name. I liked that, my witty reply was something like, "Yeah, I've been told I'm good at riding." She gave me a knowing look and I replied with my studly manly man grin. We were bonding.

Her hotel was the Red Roof Inn, one I had never been inside of before. Actually, I had only been in one hotel in DC in my life and I was curious to see what it was like. From the outside I expected a lot of black people and foreigners but that was just the help. Every one else was white which was a surprise.

We breezed past the front desk and pressed the button for the elevator. While we waited for it I asked her, "Not bad. You like it?"

She gave a little shrug, and replied, "It's okay. I've seen worse."

She had to swipe a mag card to get the doors to close. As soon as they did she was on me, we were still lip locked and my hand was clutching her ass when the door opened again. A family was waiting to get on, I still remember the fathers frown and the giggle beginning to surface on the little girls face as we brushed past them. Seconds later we inside her room and she had me pinned against the just closed door.

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  1. Hahahaha! Maybe not about to be the girl he thought she was?