Friday, December 23, 2011

The Contractor - Part 1d by nova

What happened next was too good to be true but I wasn't going to complain. She stopped, smiled again, an asked me, "What do you think of all this?" She had an accent which just made her hotter. I went stupid but was saved from junior high stammering because of my script.

"I think they're demonstrating that the American spirit is still alive. People everywhere are waking up and realizing that the 1% are looting the worlds economy while condemning the planet to environmental disaster and the remaining populace to poverty."

I followed it with a solemn look and tried really hard to maintain eye contact. Damn that woman was top heavy.

"You're so right. Do you mind if I sit? I've been walking all morning."

Did I mind? Of course not. I patted the ledge I was sitting on and told her, "Sure. You new here?"

She sat down and even better she sat close. She was wearing black jeggings. I loved women in jeggings. Spandex hadn't died -- it had just mutated into something better. When she sat down she bent over just a little to set her backpack down and her blouse gaped open enough for me to see the swell of her breasts. I got even stupider if that was possible.

"Oh yes. I today walked from the monument to your President Jefferson to the Capitol and back to here. Now I am hungry." Then she dropped her eyes to my crotch for just a second. A faint but definite alarm bell rang somewhere way back where a tiny part of my brain still capable of rational thought still functioned.

"So where are you from?"

"Sweden." She smiled. "It was a long flight. Have you ever been there?"

My brain did fireworks accompanied by the sound of a jackpot cashing in. "Swedish! Yes! A Euroslut!" layered over the top of it.
Don't fuck this up Dakota!

"No. I've only been to Asia...courtesy of the US government."

She looked at me quizzically. I noticed the faint crows feet traced in the skin that radiated from those beautiful blue eyes. "Cougar! I'm going to be raped!" Damn, I was hitting the checklist of easiness with marks in all the boxes.

"Ah no...always wanted too. No, I just got out of the military. Hey, maybe you could tell me more about Sweden over lunch. I'll even buy, not that there is a lot of choices here."

We were close enough to Potbellies and I could tell her it was ethnic American food. There were better places close by but I wasn't going to spend that much money even for a Swedish super model. If she said she wanted to try one I would just plead cash flow problems from buying textbooks for my classes. Hell, with a little luck she would pick up the check.

"I like military men. They are so...clean. I have a better idea. Why don't we eat in my room. I bought some healthy food, here it is so hard to find, and you can tell me about your adventures in far away places."

"Sure! I would love to but I would rather hear you talk about Sweden."

"I'm sure we will find many things to talk about." She stood up, and said, "Come. I'm so very hungry."

I wondered if that was some kind of Swedish code word for horny. I hoped so.I was going to be late getting back to work but I was okay with that.


  1. Interesting direction. I haven't seen a crush from you before. Nice way to keep us hanging. Pun.

  2. lol...yeah, well, we will see

  3. This is awesome, Nova. I'm digging the "Dear Penthouse Forums..." style.

  4. This is awesome, Nova. I'm digging the "Dear Penthouse Forums..." style.

  5. Yeah, a little more lust and a lot less blood so far.