Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gardener Fall - Chapter 1b - by nova

"Yeah. There's that." I left it at that.

He looked off into the distance and told me "This place is going to really suck come winter. Thank god they got us doing recon and scavenging. I bet it will still be too fucking cold for too long."

"Yep. Not as bad as being stuck out in the middle of the Great Plains or arriving in Montana in the middle of winter."

Ninja had given up on the knife tossing and was shaving the bark of a twig he had found. "So you believe Montana gets as much snow as they been saying?"

I sighed, "I hope not. What have you been hearing?"

"Ten feet. Most of it staying on the ground and more up in the passes. What ever the hell a pass is."

"Freya said it's less where we're going. Maybe two or three feet on the ground. A pass is some kind of low spot between mountains where you can get through without freezing your ass off I think."

Ninja had cut a point on the twig and was using it as a toothpick. While he was doing that he said "FruckinGazerBark. Itj zonds kalt."

I shook my head and told him, "Take the toothpick out when you talk you moron."

He spit it out wincing "Damn. We need a dentist. I said Glacier National Park, even the name sounds cold."

"Yeah. You forgot to factor in global warming. It will only be cold six months out of the year instead of nine."

"Riiighht." Then he looked at me and starting laughing. I joined him. We both knew it was probably going to be cold as hell most of the time. We were following a Nordic goddess wannabe around. Snow and cold was where they hung out so it made sense to me that I was going to be freezing my ass off. If Night was happy with it than I was going to be happy with it.


  1. "We both knew it was probably going to be cold as hell most of the time"

    It is cold as hell most of the time.

  2. NMD,

    I know. I lived there. No way would I do it again.