Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Homecoming - Chapter 1a - by Nova

We were too. Is was nice. I liked it. Me and your mom never got along so well.

Do you remember your birthday party? We had a pony? You didn't like it. You said it scared you. Your mom got so mad at you but I understood. He was an evil little pony that bit your friend Brittany. Boy did she cry. It was just a nip and didn't even draw blood. That turned out to be a good thing. If Dumpling had drawn blood Brittanies asshole father would have sued us for sure.

I wonder about that kid. I was glad when she quit coming around. No seven year old should look like that. I mean, WTF? She was wearing makeup and dressing like her tramp stamped mom. She is probably living somewhere nice and has good ponies that come whenever she calls. That's how the world works kid.

There for awhile every time I checked my email there was a message from your mom with attachments. Photos of clothes and stuff for the house. I almost ended up in mail jail because of it. She has good taste your mom does. Plus I was getting stuff too. I even got a man cave!

It's weird when I think about it. You know, all the must haves we had to have. What was even weirder was how the list of them kept growing. We had to have a pool; a man cave; a office for your mom. the entertainment room with the big TV. Then came the upgrades.

That's another thing. I loved my big TV. Watching the Redskins play on that screen was like being there. Yet they kept making bigger and better televisions. It got so no one even called them televisions anymore. If you did, and I did until I learned not to, people gave you that "look." You know, the one where they kind of tilt their eyes down, their lip goes up,and they get that funny sparkle in their eyes? It means you just farted a stinker word. You had to call them "flat panels." People in trailer parks had TV's.

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