Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Post Apocalypse Doom by Another Writer - I like this setting

This is by someone who writes as "Raptor." He writes pretty good stuff.

A sample:

Chapter 1

“Paradise, Pennsylvania!” The conductor’s voice came scratching through the coach’s PA system. “Paradise Pennsylvania is next! This is the connection to the Paradise, Lancaster, and Western Railroad. Passengers heading for Leaman Place, Strasburg, Pequea, Millersville, Lancaster, and points west must change trains here. Paradise, Pennsylvania is next. Paradise, Pennsylvania!”

The PA system had barely switched off when Callahan rose from his seat, and in one smooth motion pulled his oversized backpack from the overhead luggage rack, shouldered it, pulled his duffel bag down from the rack, and stepped into the aisle. The tall, lanky-looking man set the duffel down just long enough to pluck his much-loved tan boonie hat from the aisle seat and pace it atop his head, then maneuvered his way towards the doors at the end of the coach.

Save for the relative dearth of passengers, at first glance the Pennsylvanian looked as it might have before the war. The service was not, nor had it ever been the Pennsylvania Railroad’s flagship service – that honor went now, as before, to the legendary Broadway Limited – but that didn’t mean it wasn’t respectable. Streamlined First Class coach service running every weekday between Pittsburg, Harrisburg and, King of Prussia, a distance of about 300 miles, was no mean feat, especially in these times.



  1. Nice, having spent a lot of time down there really felt the vibe. Too bad it's on a forum making it hard to make sure you follow along with


  2. Gee, he really lays it on thick --- too thick!

    Plus, he has to try to impress you with terminology -- "A perfect mozambique". WOW!! Why not say, "he shot him twice" -- I guess than you wouldn't know "our hero" is an "operator"

    Not only unnecessary, it's also VERY "mall ninja" like. As is the "wishful thinking" description of the "commies".

    Bad writing by, at best, a juvenile who reads too many gun magazines, and right wing gun boards.

    My advice --- get an education, learn to think for yourself, get a job. Learn a little bit about the world. Stop being an @^^*&($!!

    It's also

  3. What does a "high-speed low-drag mall-ninja" look like? I've heard about them and seen the gear (paintball-use only) but never met one.

    Anyone who actually has to carry and use a pistol or rifle on a regular basis quickly learns that it is mostly a steel weight designed to slow you down and give lower back pain. 99+% of the time, until you need it.

    Gardener with 6-gun and trained-in muscle speed is very light. High-cap plastic gun accustomed LE and post-AA folks might not understand how lethal 300 grains at 1000+ fps is at 10 feet. He's only got 6 shots, no worry right?