Friday, April 29, 2011

Gardener Fall - Chapter 2 - by nova

I looked at Ninj and he shrugged. We both got up, I wasn't as fluid as Ninja was. That fucking pit bull that bit me had done some damage that, if anything, seemed worse than it had after I thought I had recovered. I saw that my stiffness hadn't gone on unnoticed by either of them and mentally made a note to be more carefully about how long I sat and to be more careful about showing it. I saw Cruz start for me like he was going to offer me a hand. I blew him off with a glare and a snarled "What's up Cruz?"

"We caught a thief. They have him down by the church."

We were moving and I asked him "Anyone I know?"

"Yeah...well maybe. He's from your company and he got caught with one of Ninja's guys gold."

I heard Ninja mutter "Shit."

I laughed. "Let me guess. Was it Thompson?"

Cruz answered me "Yeah. You got it. Fucking lightweight."

"Who was he caught stealing from?" Ninja asked.


"Statler? I'm surprised him and his buddies didn't drag his ass off into the woods and kill him."

We were approaching the church and I could see a crowd gathered. Even little spats and BS disputes drew a crowd these days. We were starved for entertainment.

Cruz's reply was "He would have if he had thought about it before making so much noise."