Saturday, August 20, 2011

I have the flu or a cold or I have been cursed

Thought I could shake it but it is getting worse. I'll be back in a day or two. Just staring at the screen brightness is making my head ache.

I like the idea of him being cursed...


  1. Get well soon. And yeah, cursing your characters could be fun!

  2. Try my woofing whirld for a curse. Iam have to spend my entire life on the wrong side of the door, and constantly hungry.

  3. Not to mention opposing thumb impaired, which makes the operation of a refrigerator door or can opener impossible. Iam clearly handicapped. Further, Iam still denied the right to vote, own a house or get a loan or credit card.
    Where is Awoofitive Action for those that truly need it? Where is the protest and outrage?

  4. Run with the 'curse' idea, Nova. I always like the stories where somebody has "awoken an angry god" or "had a curse cast upon them".

    Even miserable and unlikeable characters become somewhat sympathetic if they're cursed.

    ***WARNING - Sage Advice Below***

    As for you, if you get a fever that rolls up to 102, you should try to bang out a chapter or two. People do some of their most interesting work in a fit of fever.

    If your fever rolls up to 103 or higher, go to the emergency room.

    ***End of Sage Advice section***

    Hope you get better soon. :)

  5. Nova

    Seriously, get a netty pot.

    I ridiculed the idea myself until my wife finally tortured me enough that I did it.

    and it worked!

    I hate it when she is right

  6. Bud, you may hate it when she is right but remember, married men live longer than single men...precisely because we do pester ya'll to take care of yourselves. ;-D

  7. Dear Chile,

    First, why is it you use a pic of a chili pepper but spell your handle like the South American country?

    Second (and more importantly), the statistics to which you refer are from the article "Marriage and Longevity", found in the September 2006 issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The lead researcher on that study (Dr. Robert Kaplan, Ph.D., UCLA) was a professor at what is currently ranked the 25th best university in the U.S. according to US News.

    I hate to burst your bubble sweetie, but it isn't the nagging that keeps married men alive longer. It's because they are 499% less likely to get an infectious disease than their single counterparts, as evidenced in the included article by Dr. Bella DePaulo, Ph.D., Harvard, who studied Dr. Kaplan's original research and said, "Reading the original research report, I discovered that the actual findings looked nothing like the publicized ones."

  8. Ah -- but if he's cursed, as many heroes seem to be, part of his trial is finding a way to remove that curse.

    Also, WHO cursed him, WHY, and HOW does it move this story. After all, "grandma" said he'd be O.K. -- as we all know "those" old women all seem to know "stuff" -- on the other hand, old ladies like me are seen as knowing nothing. Doesn't that count as "exoticizing" various old "ethnic" women?

    When does "the vision" of his quest arrive?

    It will, of course, require him to cooperate with others in ways he isn't accustomed to (after all, that's really the way "the west" was "won") ---- or, will he heal, go on his own, and continue doing what he does, until he achieves some sort of satisfaction -- then settle down like J. Fenimore Coopers hero?

    It would be a shame to kill him off -- he's just as entitled to old age as any other hero.

    Perhaps some additional stories filling in "the gap", and others showing him winning with guile as he slows down due to age.

    Lots of ways to go -- only you know what feels right.

  9. Dear "Anonymous,"

    Why should I explain the legitimate reason for how I spell my online handle to someone who will not even use a name at all?

    My comment regarding the longevity of married versus single men was obviously meant as a joke, even though it was based on information I read almost three decades ago, not a study from six years ago.

  10. Statistics from 30 years ago would involve a generation in which the wives cooked balanced meals, as opposed to defrosting a box and microwaving a meal of processed goop with about zero nutritional value and too many calories. Single men where not inclined to cool or eat nutritious meals, and tended to drink and smoke more; these factors made a huge difference in longevity. Men no longer derive this benefit from marriage, women no longer cook for anyone, and the health and life spans are likely to drop for both genders. The waist sizes are getting longer however, and rates of diabetes, cancer and other diseases are rising very nicely. Yours, Nottadog

  11. Of course, thirty years ago most women did not HAVE to work. They were not only expected to, but also were able to stay home, cook, clean, and take care of the kids.

    Only women like me worked because staying home was like a death sentence -- When my earning capacity outstripped that of my spouse -- he left.

    Why didn't HE stay home and make sure we got 3 squares a day? Or, was that "beneath" him - as I was "just" a woman?

    By the way, remember when a guy with a job - almost any job could afford to have a family? When and why did that change?

    Perhaps we should blame all the men for not being able to take care of their family, forcing their wives to work so they could survive together. How does that sound to you?

  12. It is a mistake to blame men or women for the fact that 2 incomes are now needed to support a family when the blame really rests on the shoulders of the elitists. For example, a CEO used to earn and average of 40 times what his average employee did. The ratio is now more than 300 to 1. I know many working couples, and it is far more common for the husband to be the cook, as women have been brainwashed to believe that the preparation of food is "demeaning" to them, and they are terrified of that. I think they need to grow up and start pulling their weight again. For the record, Iam an excellent cook, while many of my girlfriends literally did not know how to make coffee or fry an egg. My friends tell me they have had similar experiences. And the ladies keep wanting to know what is the matter with men these days? Again, Notta

  13. Nova, can you please get sick more often.

    This is awesome!

    *grabs popcorn*

  14. Blame it on The Sainted Ronald Reagan, the man who did more to destroy the American Working Class than any other leader we have had. Everything was blamed on "the unions" when it was lousy managers, bad planning, short term goals, and too damn many MBA's who couldn't run a business.

    During the 60's there was serious talk about 30 hour weeks, the new "leisure economy", and the wonders of the future. THAT had nothing to do with "hippies" -- but it really scared the crap out of our corporate leaders.

    Now, we have non-living wages, everyone working excessive hours, untold millions on food stamps, and "leaders" who forgot that workers are consumers too.

    Lots of men LOVE to blame it all on women, while women blame men.

    It's all just divide and conquer - same old, same old. Unless you are wealthy, you are just a tool to be used and discarded. Look out for your future and beware of "good investments" -- heck, Social Security is the best investment out there.

    Just wait. as others have said -- lock and load. Also -- start handloading.

  15. Zap! Pow! Bang! Batman gonna get both of ya. FOrrest

  16. Chile: in re married men living longer?

    The truth is that it only SEEMS longer...

    As to why nearly all married couples both work?
    The reason is *TAXES*!! The tax burden on the average family is what eats up the second income. It must be considered that not all taxes are direct, there's also the burden of corporate taxes which are passed along to us in the form of higher prices for goods and services...

    This is why all those idiots screaming "TAX THE CORPORATIONS!!" *ARE* such idiots! Corporations don't PAY taxes - they merely pass them along to their customers - but I digress...

    The tyrants responsible for the taxation were joined in their crimes by the phony pheminists - the ones who've managed to convince generations of women that being a wife and mother were not a legitimate choice, that "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" and other such bits of sick stupidity.

    In short, it's the militant left who have destroyed the family, and with it our Republic!

    Thankfully, most of them won't survive the first big culling when what's coming finally arrives....

  17. Oh, and Nova:

    1. THANK YOU! I too had gotten lost due to a dead pc and no bookmark, but found my way back last night and TOTALLY INHALED everything up to now in one sitting.

    LOVING the new story

    Lastly, let me add a HUGE "+1" ON THE NETI-POT!

    I know it seems strange or gross, but THE DIFFERENCE IT MAKES IS AMAZING!

    My allergies are much less bothersome, sense of smell improved, 2 billion musloids and hindus can't ALL be wrong!