Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Unknown - Chapter 4e - by nova

Chapter 4e

When she brought me my tea it was in a clear glass that was actually clean. She bent over to set it on the table and I noticed that one more button had been loosened on her blouse. I liked the view.

"There you go."

She did rush to stand up either. I was okay with that.

She smiled, straightened slowly, and said, "Back to the assholes."



"Where exactly is that shotgun?

"About a foot to his right. It's loaded with one in the chamber. Don't be messing up my floors. Unless it's..."

"Hey baby. Bring that pretty ass over here!"

This was from the white guy who thought he was going to get some. He was too. I was positive of that.

"Those assholes." She yelled, "Hang on!" I heard her mutter "The shit I gotta put up with to make a living." Then she was gone.

I sat there nursing my tea and watching. They got drunker and nastier. The old man went to sleep. Two people came in, looked at the table of drunken assholes, and spun on their heel and bailed.

When she came by to freshen up my drink I asked her, "You have a name?"


"I like it. You look like one." She did too. Or an elf girl. "Move like one too" I added.

"Thanks. How about you?"

"I don't have a name anymore."



"So I should call you Unknown?"


She laughed. "Okay Unknown. I get off in two hours...think you can nurse that drink that long?"

"Oh, I think you'll be closing early."

"Hah! I should call you Dreamer instead."

I just smiled. I saw her eyes change for a second. They got harder, more focused. Then the Indian called for her. I had noticed they didn't like her spending more than a couple of sentences with me. I was going to have to fix that.

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