Sunday, August 21, 2011

Something Different

I was at the Holocaust Museum doing research Friday. This is an excerpt from a part of what I came back with. It is an interview with a survivor of Treblinka, a death camp, in WWII. In a way it fits, I think, as it describes a real Apocalypse.

A: I experienced it in the camp. I saw it. As soon as one-gave up somehow they found it. The SS, they found it out. They, would have it,somehow written on his face.
Q: Was there any attempt on the part of some who were stronger to help the ones who were weaker
A: No one, after my experiences, could survive by his own, being alone.
He must live there in a group. There were, in the camp, were groups of 2, :3 , 4, 5, 6, even 7 people. stuck together, they helped mutually,
with food. The one was sick, so they kept him hidden, and so on.
No one could survive simply being alone. So we were, with Charlie Unger, like twins. From the very beginning, until we, until we got
back to Prague. Every hour, every minute together, and of course we saved our lives, each other~


  1. The lone survivor is a myth - everyone has to sleep at one point or another as I pointed out to Jim over at Bison.

  2. FSHB,

    No problem on the book. Glad you got it.

    Yeah. It's a myth. In the face of overwhelming catastrophe you need friends, allies, or fellow travelers. No one can deal with horrific conditions over a period of time alone. Like you said, "You have to sleep sometime."