Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Unknown - Chapter 3c - by nova

Chapter 3c

I walked around the motel before I went in and then made a circle through the closest streets. I wanted to know my exits and entrances, possible enemies, and mostly just to feel the flow of the place. It wasn't too hot but I was aware of the sun. Lately I had found sun spots on my arms and I had a nice one below my left ear. Crusty reminders that genetics had designed me for a land under a different sun.

Cover was nonexistent outside of the buildings. Nothing new there. The grid layout worked for me on a number of levels. Mainly because once I got a feel for the layout I had most of the possible city movement patterns locked in. Page wasn't much of a potential street fighting battleground. No connected buildings or narrow alleys. That would make movement tough for any defenders and easier for the raiders to isolate and then burn or mortar out. There had to be some kind of perimeter guard or patrol but I hadn't seen any sign of one. They were relying on picking them up far enough off to bug out to the safety of one of the bridgeheads and hold until a Saints or nation react force showed up. Not really a plan but better than nothing. My guess was it had been a long time since anyone worried about raiders here.

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