Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Unknown - Chapter 9c - by nova

"Oh my God!" Was the first thing out of Kat's mouth quickly followed by, "Grandmother!" Both her and Ty went running to where Grandmother was laying in the sand. For a second I considered going to her side but I decided to instead to go find a rock to sit on while the drama ran down. It didn't last long and I didn't expect it to. She was pretty hardcore and Ty was an EMT, or what passed for one around here, and they had grown up in a tough world. I figured I had about five minutes of star gazing at most before they were done. I was wrong. It took her all of two minutes. Helped by the fact that Grandmother was dead I'm sure. I had found that Kat's generation were realists about death, blood, and other facts of life that were once considered "gross."

I heard, "Where the hell is Gardener?" from Kat and I decided to get up off my ass and mosey on over. Ty replied, "Damn. I think he killed everyone of them. This is fucking amazing."

They didn't hear me walk up behind them so I startled the hell out of them when I said, "No. Just doing what was needed." I wanted to say "I'm just a simple cowpoke" but this wasn't the right audience if one even existed. They both stared at me like I had just dropped in from another planet.

"We'll bury her here if that is okay with you."

"Sure. That's fine." Then Kat added, "I'm glad you killed them Gardener."

"Yep. Ty, I want you shoot the horses. I'm going to see if we got any live ones and see what I can find on them."

"Shouldn't I look for live ones?" was Ty's reply.

"No. You'll try and heal them. I just want them to talk to me."


  1. Nova,
    congratulation on all success. keep the conduit open, you are slipstreaming the future. G in a new venue is excellent, allows for growth. freya is deep in G, and the goddess can heal as well as kill. Re: new weaponry. the lance is a good idea, remember that it can be used as a stabbing, slashing implement as well as thrown. Please consider , as a partial replacement for SWORD: TOMAHAWK! all american, and freya approved as it is the new world iteration of the north european battle axe. G with a lance in one hand and a tomahawk in the other will be formidable indeed! tomahawks are the going thing, even now. google tactical tomahawks and see for yourself. Nova, again, glad to see you transmitting! Woodeneye

  2. Hey Dedicated Dad! Hope all is good

  3. I'm not sure yet were the lance fits in. I like the tomahawk. It's really just a mini battle axe.

  4. Into new weapons? Check out "Deadliest Warrior" on Netflex.

  5. Iam,

    I have tried to stay with weapons I have personally used for the main characters which limits me. I am reluctant to get away from that.

    I suppose it wouldn't be that hard to get a tomahawk or battle axe and split some cantelopes...

  6. Think drywall or roofing hatchet from Lowes - only reform the hammer head side to a [long] spike...


  7. Or a welder's chipping hammer - a spike at one end, a wedge at the other.

  8. A hammer would work wonders. William Wallace of Scotland, (of Brave Heart fame) carried a battle hammer, among other implements. Iam

  9. Loving the new stuff Nova, all caught up after the power outage! Btw re-reading the older stuff you sent my way now! Thanks!


  10. I have to admit, that I was always partial to our hero starting out with the humble gardening spade as his original weapon.

    Gardener is starting to create his own mythology, so I think his original weapon that began the mythology might be a good direction to move into.

  11. Rottenclam,

    I hadn't realized that. It's a full turn of the circle.