Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Unknown - Chapter 5c - by nova

Chapter 5c

There was more then a little empty air time after that was said. I thought about denying it and decided not to. I was who I was.

"So who knows?"

Ty answered "Everyone."

"Is that like 'everyone' who is Dine? Or the entire town? Or just for 40 miles in every direction?"

I guess I sounded sharper than I thought because they both looked taken aback. Speaking in concise, fact based sentences must not be taught around here I thought.

Kat told me, "Everyone. It will be in Flagstaff soon if it isn't already."

"Tell me about the feds."

"They were contractors here to provide security for a fed survey team. They are thinking about getting the coal plant up and running again. The feds would be providing the hardware, probably salvage from somewhere back east. They aren't your problem."

Kat jumped in with. "At least not in the next week or so."

"Yeah Gardener...damn I can't believe I'm talking to The Gardener, The feds will come looking for you. They hate your guts."

Kat laughed and added, "Sure as hell won't be any bounty hunters."

I grinned at that. "Yeah. They got discouraged."

I had a large bounty for anyone who delivered my head to the feds. They didn't say "Dead or alive." It was assumed the only way I would be showing up would be as a corpse.

Ty laughed, "No kidding. You only killed, what 20 plus?"

Kat added, "Plus you blew up a town!"

I just smiled. It was half that number and only a few blocks but having a rep was like carrying an extra Ruger."

Ty continued, "And word went out from people up North that anyone who delivered you to the feds wouldn't live to enjoy the money, nor would any family out to third cousins, the town they lived in, and their pets."

"Except for the dogs."

I said this quietly. Kat opened her mouth to say something, more then likely to ask about the dog exemption, but she saw my face and changed her mind. I had gone inward. Back to places and people and a time. I cut it off. When I refocused they were both staring at me.

"I'm back."

I could feel the fever coming on and decided to get this conversation back on track and then go lie down.

"So if I don't have to worry about the feds then that leaves the Indians. Why them?

"Not just Indians Gardener. Apaches."

"So what."

"No. Not so what." Kat told me gently. "They are vindictive and they will want to get some payback. Especially now."

"Why now?" I was curious.

"Because they know who you are."


  1. I'd like to say this is getting good, but it never stopped being good and only got better. This has serious screenplay written all over it.