Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Unknown - Chapter 6 - by nova

"They have any shooters?"

Ty nodded, grimaced, and said "You got their two best but all of them are pretty good."

Kat added, "They aren't above shooting you in the back or swarming you either."

I laughed. "Okay. How many are in town and why were they here? Aren't the Apaches down south?"

Kat told me "We call them the the Inde. We think they are looking for new lands. The Comanche People are also starting to show up in our nation. There is little or no water anymore in many places where they live."

Ty said "We are not a warlike people but we aren't stupid. Water is everything and we have it. Right now the best thing we have going for us is there are still many of us and we will fight if pushed."

"So I can count on your people to have my back when I go see these...Inde?"

They both looked at each. Kat looked down. Ty met my eyes and said, "I doubt it."

I laughed and laughed. When I got over it I told them, "Yeah. I thought so."

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