Friday, October 21, 2011

The Book of Chosen - Apocrypha - The Path of Vengence c

Not all can be warriors as few warriors can cook. There is no job that is too humble if it is one that HE has set you upon. Never shall precedence given to anyone over their job. HE who rules us all sees us as bugs anyway.

Each of us has a path. Ridicule of another believer for what they do makes you one of THEM in his eyes. We are in this together, chained to each other by need, both of survival and for support in the Great Change which must come.

It will come and with it will the tide of blood. Wash your hands in it and rejoice! HE who watches is smiling as they scream! Make them scream! Make them plead. Make them piss their pants, gnash their teeth, and wail! Then send them to hell.


  1. Most cheerful thoughts indeed, Yuletide greetings to all, tis the season, woofcetera.

  2. I just finished reading AAII (the ulysses press edition) - I am very impressed. I read it when it was originally published, and again as an ebook, but this time it felt more complete, especially compared to the first book. Granted AAII and III are my favorite parts of the story (so far), but, i feel like the writing and editing have come a very long way and it's very impressive!

    It's probably not the best book to be reading while planning a thanksgiving trip to DC... incredibly great storytelling all around :)

    keep up the good work! I'll leave a more complete review on Amazon and my website with links :)

  3. NMD,


    I learned a lot about writing by reading what their editor marked up.