Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Book of Chosen - Apocrypha - The Source a

Blind is what you are and I was once too before the shadow of the LORD slapped me down and filled my brain with visions to dark for me to understand at first for heavy were the scales upon my inner eye.

We are fish, we swim in their sea, in water that was once pure but now is dark as their hearts. Yet we never notice until our eyes are opened by HIM or his voice among us.

Know this for I speak the TRUTH! To truly see the world you must disconnect yourself from the tentacles woven into your brain.

Once there was a man, much like you perhaps, who gripped the chains of bondage tightly and never understood that all he had to do was open his hands and let go.

That is only the first step for the EVIL one will not let you slip away that easy. Once you would have been ridiculed, spoken of as insane but the vision is spreading and you are no longer alone.

How did this evil begin? It was always with us some would say and they would be both right and wrong. It began with machines. Yes, machines, for they spawned automation and automation is the sword of the DEVILS minions, the bloodless heart ripper of man with teeth of steel.

It began when money no longer became a medium of exchange and instead became the medium of life. The qualifier of souls, the measure of success,and the aphrodisiac of the feeble ass lickers and sociopaths.