Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Unknown - Chapter 15c - by nova

It was time in no time. It wasn't always that way. I used to count the seconds before an action. This time they just rolled by me, almost unnoticed. I must have drifted away because all of sudden Miller was sitting next to me and repeating my name.

"What Miller."

"Time to do it."

"Fuck. Okay. I want our people to each have 250 rounds, all the water they can carry, and nothing else. I want the Barrett guy..." I tried to remember his name, shit it was gone, to come with us too. Also..."

He cut me off, firmly, quietly, but never the less he cut me off. "I did all that. We're out of .50 and we don't have 250 rounds per man unless you want to send 2nd Squad away with three magazines a piece."

"You burned though that much ammo?"

"No. We came light. Had to. We were going for speed and humping heavy hardware. We look good for the SAW but otherwise we go with what we got.

The bus was slowing.

"Okay Miller. Block the road with the bus. Get everyone moving towards the chapter house on foot. Two miles is less then 20 minutes. The terrain is to rough for anyone to follow by vehicle after they get past the there. Let 2nd Squad do the rearguard action."

"I've already arranged for all that Gardener."

I thought about that. "So whats left Captain?"

"Our jobs sir."

I had to laugh at that. "Yeah. You got that right."


  1. 250 rounds is hard to do with 30-round mags... 300 would be more typical...

    Also - fyi - a SAW can also use the AR/M16/M4 mags in a pinch...

  2. DD,

    Thanks, I didn't know that.