Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Book of Chosen - Apocrypha - Recognizing the EVIL ones - part a

I was blind as so many of you were until I underwent the great cleansing. The cleansing is but a step upon the road of Righteousness. Yes, HE stripped me of all my worldly goods and cast me into the forest of darkness where I lived like an animal until HE opened my eyes and heart.

I resisted at first. Like a conditioned animal all I wanted was to return to my cage and grasp my chains once again. I believed in doing that all would be right and I would be saved. I was a fool. Yes. A fool.

I lost it all because I had become useless. Injured in an auto accident, I no longer could function in a way deemed satisfactory. Like a broken toy I was let go. Then the vultures of finance began to circle. No mercy was shown then and no mercy will be shown by me now.

In the forest I became just another one of creatures. I learned to scavenge and to take shelter. I existed. A non-person. I was not alone. Others prowled the darkness. Lost souls who either dreamed of when the Minions would take them back or they became something far worse. Rotten souls that embraced all the worse traits of the Demons with out any of the subtlety. Demons just wanted me to bend or, if I didn't, begone. These foul creatures wanted to physically hurt. They wanted blood of the wet and red kind instead of the dry green blood desired by the more advanced DEMONS.

HE Spoke to me. He changed it all. HE led me out of the forest but first he had to OPEN my eyes and mind. HE taught me the first of the GREAT truths and the FIRST is know thy enemy!

Once you believe their is a SATAN and what his plan is then it becomes easy to see who belongs to him and they are many. Don't despair! They can die just like any mortal. Their spirits will go back to the EVIL ONE an await their chance to infect others. We will deny them their breeding ground by changing the world! IT WILL BE SO.

ALL Bankers are under the EVIL Ones influence. Many, especially those in positions of authority are true Minions. They must be cleansed. They shall be. The bonuses they have taken are BLOOD money. Each dollar equals a soul destroyed.

Zechariah 11:17

17 “Woe to the worthless shepherd,
who deserts the flock!
May the sword strike his arm and his right eye!
May his arm be completely withered,
his right eye totally blinded!”

Our shepherds have failed us. They have let the wolves in upon HIS people and torn down the gates of protection.


  1. A car accident, no family or big pot of money to fix things back up (insurance co's can out-wait you, so you settle for little or get nothing), leading to job loss (for cause- you can't work), apt loss/car repo/collections, and it's always cold and raining during this awful mess, can lead a person to consider themselves useless to society. Cui bono? Oh, and it can get worse.

    The police/Dept of Human Sacrifice could take an interest....

    Didn't you walk in a march or say something on a blog? Deny it and you are going to jail for lying to an Officer, confirm it and they have "cause" for anything they want. Would you like to be an informant? It can pay a little and we could get you an EBT card with $1000 a month loaded on...

    You have a warrant for defying the Court, by not showing up to testify or pay a ticket. We could get that cleared up for you, if you help us out now.

    How are those muscle relaxers working out?


  2. Something to look forward to. Thanks pdxr13.

  3. Which is why it is absolutely imperative to know and to use your 5th amendment right to stand silent. You may not be compelled to testify against yourself.

    If you are in jeopardy because of an accusation being made against you that must be answered on threat of punishment, the only rational response is to ask questions and make NO statements.