Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Book of Chosen - Apocrypha - The Source b

You are owned by the Corps'. You rent the space you exist and consume from them and when you no longer have any money to offer than you are cast away into the emptiness. We have become by design throwaway people who, if we are lucky, allowed to work as human touch screens until a way is found to automate that.

The Source of all this is SATAN and his DEMONS. They exist. One may be next to you on the highway, her expensive German car whipping past you as she sips on the energy of all she passes. Another is that smiling white guy with the good hair and teeth walking past you while he jabbers into, and receives his commands from his cell phone.

While SATAN prowled this earth since time began only now can he buy souls for next to nothing. They are massed produced for him, trained by his MINIONS, and fed to his consumer machine.

Machines take jobs! It is in EVIL's interest to make the masses hungry, useless, and enslaved. They make you feel ugly and then sell you beauty. They make you fearful and sell you security. Everything is for sale, the terms are easy, the payment is your life, and you lap it up like cats who have been favored with a bowl of cream.

First THEY gathered us like cattle in the work ghettos THEY called factories. There they used us like flesh robots and used it us until we broke. Never was the money enough so they offered us credit. To make sure we used it THEY programmed our brains to want. WANT! ALWAYS WANTING! NEVER SATISFIED!

We don't wear clothes. We wear labels. We don't drive transportation. We drive dreams. We drive our nonexistent sex drive. We drive our manliness.
THEY steal our sex drive with work and worry and make us pay for chemicals to artificially inflate our cocks. Woman are turned into plastic dolls by choice so they can have access to plastic money to buy plastic shit from children in sweatshops.

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