Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Unknown - Chapter 15 - by nova

"Talk to me Miller."

"Sir, we lost four adult locals inside. Two have minor wounds. Sargent Kim has a leg wound. He is good for the next 48 hours. We are good for one engagement as far as ammo goes. Your turn."

"We are being pursued, or will be shortly, by the remains of the unit that was trying to take the bridge." I didn't want to tell them I had been dropped by the big picture people, I had learned about morale and how important it was to act like we had the winning hand even when I knew we didn't. I did the math, compared my estimate of their speed to ours, and came to a conclusion I wasn't ready to share yet.

We're good."

I had to stop talking and grit my teeth. What ever he did had just hurt like a bitch. Just as that passed we hit a bunk, my arm moved, and the pain returned just as bad.

When I felt I could talk again, I said "Hey medic. You got a name?"

"Cat Daddy."

"Bind the arm to me."

He looked at me, with the exception of Kat, the rest had looked away, I stared at him.

"Fine. Hang on. I got to dump some magic potion on it and then wrap it."

I braced myself for the pain of the magic potion. It was the right thing to do. This time it was bad enough that I almost threw up on my recently repaired boots. Life was good sometimes.


  1. Damn - caught up again!

    It's HARD to stay away for days at a time, but not as hard as obsessively checking for updates and being disappointed!


    But inhaling all the latest then realizing I hit the end of the paved road? THAT is what REALLY BITES!

    But still I am grateful to you for sharing this with me!

    My offer to assist with proofreading/editing duties still stands!

  2. Nove - I hope I'm wrong about where he's going. But in any case, give G some time with Carol before he goes. From personal experience I know that old flames, even those who did not ignite when touched by your spark, never disappear. He needs her help to leave. Give him a minute with her.

  3. Carol?! Really? After the way she broke his heart? Or, don't you remember the thinly veiled disgust when she offered herself to G so he'd go find her son? Personally, I hope he's beyond letting her hurt him any more. Besides, I rather think he's satisfied with the sweet young thing he's bedding at present. In the end, though, it's Nova's world, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see...


  4. Dedicated Dad, Thanks. I appreciate it.

  5. K - Nova
    First loves form the person - for the better or the worse. Again experience guides me - a sweet young thing is just that, a quickly discarded toy, just one in a long parade of pleasures. Cat Stevens said something relevent "the first cut is the deepest" I'd add "and most remembered."