Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Heartland - Chapter 3i

I stripped Ricky of his camelbak. He wouldn't be needing it anymore. I had Loco search the bodies while Carol and her friends searched the houses for anything of value. I didn't let them go to far because we hadn't checked every house. I was gambling on my sense that everything, at least for now, was good. What was making me antsy was the feeling that it wasn't going to last. While they did that I dug a shallow grave for Ricky. It wasn't much and he deserved better.

When I got done I went and found everyone and we did a very brief service. I said "In Freyas name we bury this warrior. May he meet us at the gates when we arrive. Amen. Then I got everyone moving. As I did I heard one of Carol's girls ask "Who the hell is Freya?" She replied "Why do you care? If G is okay with it than you are." I wanted to hear the stories, both Carols and the other girls. I also wanted to know more about the cult or whatever the hell it was. It was going to have to wait.

I pulled Loco aside and asked him "What do you think?" I didn't have to qualify it or go into detail. He knew what I was asking. He looked up at the sky, pursed his lips, did a quick scan of the horizon and where the sun was, and said "Get out of town, off the roads, and up on a hill for now. After that it's your call."

"Yeah. I don't think we are going to be able to push them hard." He nodded. I added "Going to need to feed them sometime too."


I looked around. The closest good hill was about three miles away. Once we made that I would think about our next move. I indicated the hill and told him "That's it. You got point." I found Carol, told her crew to drop about half the crap they were carrying, and told them the plan. I looked at the women and said "Keep up. Shut up. We can do this." They all nodded tight lipped. I still didn't know what happened here but they seemed very okay with leaving it behind. "You okay Carol?"

She replied "Yeah. Lets get the hell out of here."

"Okay. Follow Loco."

I took a knee and watched them go. I was going to give them a long lead. If anyone came hunting us I wanted them away from the first contact. Nobody looked back I noticed.


  1. One of the last of the gunfighters. He was still killing during the early stages of the Viet Nam war.


    The Gunfights Of Col. Charles Askins
    American Handgunner, Nov-Dec, 1999 by Massad Ayoob

    A racist an a sociopath. He killed at least 40 men in gunfights.

    I am posting this because it was not all that long ago when men like him were around.

  2. Mike In Long IslandMay 4, 2010 at 8:54 PM

    Does G or Freya believe in gaining a psychological advantage?

    Would G or Freya leave behind the vanquished as a warning to others like Vlad the Impaler?

  3. >away from the first contact

    Good point. Thanks!

  4. This is a little weird, but I noticed a few guns on the site ...

    world-record shot


  5. Just an odd coincidence, I have one of these: "a Winchester .351 semiautomatic carbine." My Grandfather left it to me. Actually, mine's a little different. It's a .35 caliber - specifically a Winchester Model 1905 rifle in .35 Winchester Self Loading (WSL) caliber. Mine was manufactured in 1914. (This ammo is no longer made, so I've never shot the rifle.)

    They were used mostly by law enforcement and prison guards. Law enforcement models came with a 10 rd. magazine. Family history says my grandfather (a judge) received it as a gift from a sheriff sometime in the late 1930's or early '40's. Also a coincidence, my Grandfather lived in Texas. Maybe they were popular here.

  6. Nova
    I've been a gunfighting student of Mas Ayoob's. He's a great storyteller as well, though he prefers to recount 'true life'. He's also an avowed fan of the wheelgun.

  7. Nova,

    In my haste I forgot to leave my compliments on another great installment in the saga. Well done.


  8. Mike,

    Damn. Good idea. Hmmmmmmm

  9. Blickling,

    I am going to have to look Ayoob up on Amazon.


    When I read that link about Askins it was like reading AA in some ways. Gardener could have worked Border Patrol all the way up to the early 1960's without a problem.

    There were a number of men during that period (1920's to 1940's) that probably killed more men than any gunfighter of the old west.

    Someday I hope a book is written of them and the times.

  10. Have you read the other Bill Jordan books, Tales Of The Rio Grande and Just Huntin? Been looking for copies a while.

    Jim in Mo.

  11. Jim,

    No. I picked the one on here at a gun show. I am going to look for Askins writing too.

    You ever hear about Jordan killing another officer because of an accidental discharge?

  12. No I had not heard that one! I met him once at a gun show back in the 70's. From what I remember about him it was probably not an accidental discharge and the guy had it coming.

    Every squad room in the country has "accidental discharges" in the ceiling.

    Jim in MO.

  13. I checked Amazon. None of his other books are available. Askins book is and I think I am going to order it. You ever read Pale Horse Coming? It has a fictional Jordan, Askins, and Audie Murphy in it.

  14. Nova,try ABE Books.Lauren Paine who wrote some of the worst westerns ever printed was one of those old time gunfighters and a friend of my fathers.He worked for Franco as a bodyguard in the '30's and made $1,000 a week in Gold.He put on a little show for me once when I was a kid,tossed a can in the air and kept it up for 10 rounds shooting with both hands at once.he loaded 5 in his peacemakers.

  15. Nova
    Pale Horse Coming is Stephen Hunter - never read that specifically, but I'd generally recommend most of what he's written - relates well to what you're writing. Dirty White boys would be a good start and probably all of the Bob Lee Swagger stories (though I have only read three of them. Recommend "Time to Hunt").
    For Mas Ayoob, try also:
    That page is missing a lot of their archives but I understand they're working to get them up there. More 'tech' stuff than gunfight stories (though there are a few in there), but all good info.