Monday, May 17, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Heartland Chapter 5c

We walked and chatted for a minute or two and then he told one of his escorts to show me where I could get get some water for myself and the dogs. He told me "You go ahead and get cleaned up and take care of them animals. I will have someone check and see what we can spare to feed them. Then, come find me and we can talk." He walked away and I and my new escort went off to find us some water.

As we walked I asked him "So whats new around here? Y'all had any problems?"

"Naw. Had some people show up the other day and kill just about everybody in town. Other than that -- it's been pretty quiet."

"Yeah" I told him "I know what you mean. We were on patrol. Tracking a group moving west when we got ambushed three days ago. They killed off my team. Me an another guy got away but he died the other day. Some kind of weird ass cult they were."

"Yeah. I think I know who you mean. Some kind kind of Burner goddess worshiping group. They got some girl claiming to have super powers or some such shit. Supposed to be pretty hot looking too."

"No shit?" I replied.

"Yep. Brother Roger, he says the Prophet is going to kick their ass too."

"Yeah. I heard about you guys. Say, you got a radio here? Something I can reach the Colonel on?"

"Sort of. Brother Roger does. We just got it not long ago. It ain't worth a damn." He lowered his voice, "It's a Prick-127. My Dad probably used it."

Here's the water." We had stopped around back of a house that was about a half a block from where we had split off from the Brother. He pointed to a rain barrel then slapped the side. "Yeah, it's about half full. It should be good. I drank from it the other day." He looked at the dogs and said "Damn, them are some big ass dogs you got. Probably feed everyone here for a weekend off of them." Woof, who like the others, had been following me and pissing on everything that they ran across, started growling. As soon as he did the others came on point and joined in. It sounded like a Harley idling.

"Woah now. Just kidding. Hey buddy tell them I was only kidding."


  1. Hehehe. That man really isnt very bright, is he?

    Probably had trouble finding his way out of the womb.

    Go woof go!