Monday, May 24, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Heartland Chapter 7c

I walked over to where the Latino couple were sitting, occasionally talking, and keeping an eye on the kids. They both looked up when they saw me coming and I saw the male ease back and his hand drop to his side. The woman casually rested her hand inside the tote bag she had at her side. The male, I watched his eyes go from open to guarded, looked up at me. I stopped about three feet further away then I would normally and said "Hey. How y'all doing?"

The male replied "Okay." He paused, then added "Yourself?' 

"I'm good" I told him.  "I thought I would ask you if it was alright to let the kids have one of these melons."

The woman replied "To have?"

"Sure. To have." I told her.

She smiled. She had a nice smile. "Why yes. Thank you."

I told Woof "Stay" and to my private amazement he actually listened.  I backed up without turning around and once I was back at Woof I took a knee. I didn't want to tower over them. While she stared at the melon in her hands, rotating is slowly like a small green globe, I said "I'm hoping we can talk about what you have seen. I saw the Texas tags...while we split the other melon."

They looked over at each. I saw minimal change in their expressions, but he said "Sure. Have a seat." I knew then they had been on the road together for awhile.

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