Thursday, May 20, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Heartland Chapter 6c

I looked at him and he looked at me. We both knew what was being decided. He didn't look too worried. In fact he grinned and said "Make up your mind youngster. Time is a wasting." The last part of what he said decided it for me. I didn't have time to mess around and I knew my mechanical knowledge was next to nil. So I asked him "Think you can give me a lift to Piketon?"

He laughed and said "Might as well. Ain't going to be shit left around here once the breeze starts up. Let me gather up some things and we can get going."  He got up, went through the screen door and I heard him clumping around inside. I was sitting on the porch railing and I looked down at Woof and the dogs and said "Feeling like riding for a change Woof?"  He thumped his tail a couple times so I guess he was down with it. I heard Old Guy come clumbing back towards the door and I eased off the porch rail. No sense in being stupid. An old guy can kill you just as dead as a young one.

I was surprised at we had decided to bring. Some old belt that looked like the original model for the belts worn by the WWF and pair of gloves that were a mix of metal scales and some kind of leather.  They looked even older than the belt. I asked him "You a welder?'

"Naw. I've done some blacksmith work once upon a time. Looks like my skills are going to be needed again."

I nodded. It made sense to me. I asked him "You got a name?"

"Yep. Thursday."

That puzzled me. At first I thought he meant he was getting his name on Thursday. Them it dawned on me. I said questioningly "Thursday?"

He replied "Yeah. Mom was real big into that Hippie stuff." He shrugged his shoulders.

That I understood. He looked to old to have a Hippie Mom but shit, weirder things had happened and I had heard stranger names.


  1. My daughter is named Rosetta.My sister did not speak to me for a month after I told her.

  2. Good Morning!
    Yeah, they could sure use an armorer, (blacksmith~leatherworker)...
    After thinking this,Hmmm,I just read your comments from yesterday.I say carefulll- of course, like you said- the dogs were doing the standby and bark, there is more to 'ol boy than meets the eye...
    ~The plot thickens yet again...
    Rock on Nova

  3. Tom, It took me an hour to figure what you meant out.

    I went back and rewrote the dog part and a little of the post after that to fit Thursday in.

  4. sounds like odin in disguise

  5. err thor does he have red hair

  6. aya hiya ho the the old gods walk the earth and jeebus takes a holiday .welcome to the days of yore ...the days of our lives ;-}

  7. Sounds more like Thor to me


  8. Thor - Thunor to the English - had red hair and a magic hammer. Straightforward as gods go. Woden was tall, thin, one-eyed, with cloak and two ravens. Wise but bit too cunning to be wholly trusted. Wayland was a smith, made mail shirt for Beowulf, a magic sword and ring, plus goblets from the skulls of an enemy's two sons.

  9. ... Now you're talking my scene...

    Wayland was also known as Volundr... I have the honor of starting 'Haus Volundr' in the SCA... it is a [very] loose householding off blacksmiths in the mid-west/Wisconsin area...

    Now G. is starting to hang with my sort of people...