Saturday, May 29, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Heartland Chapter 8d

I dug into my left cargo pants pocket and pulled out the Transformer t-shirt and tossed it to the kid. "This yours?" He caught in the air, unfolded it, sniffed it, and said "Yes sir."

I asked him "Your Mom named Carol Morton?"

"YES SIR!" The kid was literally quivering in place.

"You want to go see her?"


I grinned and told him "Okay. We can do that."  I looked at Lowell and told him, not asked him "So we're good." He croaked out a "Yes."  I looked at Mrs. Greene "You okay with this?"  Tight lipped she replied "Yes." I stared at her, waiting for the tirade I knew she so wanted to bust loose with. Nothing. Good. Let the toxic hate inside stay inside. Maybe she would have a stroke.  I looked around the room, and then said "Well, I guess we are out of here."

The kid stopped us. He asked me politely "Can I say goodbye to Mr. Lowell?"

I wanted to say "Are you freaking crazy? The man is an asshole." Then I thought about it, "Maybe he was good with kids? Maybe he let him be head of the hall patrol. Shit. Who knew?"  So I told him "Sure. Make it fast." Mr Lowell didn't seem to enthusiastic about coming out from behind the counter so I told him "Get your ass out here Lowell. I don't have all fucking day."

He pushed through the little swinging door at the end and came out and stood about as far away as he could get from me. I told the kid "Do your thing little man. We got to roll."  Zane looked up at me smiled, and said softly "Thank you sir."  Then he marched up to him. I couldn't see his face but I was interested in the flicker of fear I saw cross Lowells face. I heard Zanes little kid voice say "Thanks for everything Mr. Lowell" and then he punched him in the nuts.

He did a nice about face, marched back to me, and said "I'm ready now sir."

I laughed, and said "Yeah. I guess so.

I looked at Thursday. He understood what I wanted. He strode out of the room and stopped a couple feet out the door and looked around. If anyone was out their waiting for us with a weapon Thursday was dead meat which was okay with me. Better him than the kid or me. I didn't hear anything so I told the kid "Follow the hammer."  Once I saw him moving I started backing towards the door behind him. My body in their line of fire. I thought about shooting them both but I wanted a quiet exit from this town.

"Well. It's been real" I told them and we walked out of there.

We hit the street and nothing was waiting for us. "All right." I told them. "Lets move." I let Thursday walk in front while us while the kid and I walked side by side." The kid was looking around, about breaking his neck in the process while trying to look like he wasn't at the same time.

I knew what he was looking for. I had looked for her enough myself. I told him "She isn't here but she  isn't that far away."

He looked up at me, smiled, and said "I know. I can feel her."


  1. Verrrrry nice nova. definitely max's spawn and a kid even Gardner could love. :D

    I do have one question though. In the last few paragraphs 'looking for her'? who? and who is looking? is it good old thorsday looking for freya or is the boy looking for carol?

    i think you mean carol, but the way it is written it could be the other way.


    oh yea, either way would make a cool nick in the story.

  2. rsj,

    Thanks. I went back and read it. You were right. It wasn't clear so I changed it. Yeah, it's the kid looking for his Mom.

  3. I like it -- the only part I missed was seeing the reaction to the nut punch, I wanted to see the toadie principle trying not to barf on the floor.