Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Heartland Chapter 5e

I was walking down the main street. I didn't care if anyone saw me. I hoped they did. I didn't have to worry about the watch on the roof this time. I had just thrown him off it a minute ago.

Beyond me the dogs, led by Woof, came up fast at a trot. One of them, the biggest Rottweiler, had the arm, well one of the Escorts arms, I couldn't tell if was the one I had removed, locked in his mouth. He looked rather pleased with himself too.

I stopped for a couple beats to let them catch up while I listened to their claws scratch the asphalt and their breath being expelled from their lungs in deep rhythmic pants. I told Woof when he caught up "Damn. People call me a fast eater. What did you do? Woof it down." He wagged his tail, and I laughed. I was really starting to like Woof.

The house down from the main house had a garage. The doors were open and the hood of a truck stuck out maybe a half a foot. It looked like it was a pretty decent size one. Hopefully it ran. I had 30 miles to go and I didn't want to walk it unless I had too. I was about halfway to it when someone took a shot at me from the open window of the house next to it. They missed.

I had the 30-30 in a sling but I didn't even think of it. I was beginning to wonder why I carried it. I filled my hand with Ruger at the same I burst into a run and snapped off two quick shots. I ran straight at the house. As I did a couple of the dogs barked. In joy or because of the noise I didn't know. I did know they were loud. I was just as loud as I yelled "Freya!" and tried to do a 360 scan as I ran.


  1. G. is carrying the carbine to reach out beyond pistol range, and perhaps to hand to a trusted associate who is without a gun. If G. were under rifle fire from an observer 100 yards away, hitting him with fire from a pistol would be just about a miracle. With a carbine, it's a fair gunfight.

    I got to spend some shooting time with the (new-to-me) 1980 Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt. It was a struggle buy a box of shells locally, but one Big5 had one box of Federal (250gr. 750fps load) for $45.

    Holster style is critical. Even with the "short" barrel 4.6-inch length, drawing and presenting is a thing to train into.

    Reloading is s l o w. Draw a second pistol, or transition to long arm.

    Because it's a heavy pistol (compared to a sub-compact polymer 9mm) recoil is not a problem with this moderate load. It was less "wiggly" than a 2" .357Mag lightweight revolver firing +P .38sp and far less "sharp".

    Cor-bon 300gr. high-speed .45 Colt on order, which are reported to be pretty stout for a commercial load.

    Watch out for feral dogs! A rott with an arm to gnaw on is a reasonable thing. Without Woof and Freya to control the pack, these would be dangerous animals with a taste for human flesh.


  2. So Gardener is becoming the post-apocalypse Dog Whisperer?

  3. G just needs to remember he is carrying a carbine.

    Nice. I think you can use loads in that Blackhawk that you can't in a Colt.

    I think they really the other white meat.


    Nah, he just likes dogs.

  4. You can have the factory fit a .45 acp cylinder,cheaper ammo and easier to find.and Wolff springs are inexpensive,easy to install and are a real improvement.And check "Buffalo Bore" ammo out for the Ruger.DO NOT USE CORBON OR BUFFALO BORE AMMO IN A COLT OR COLT CLONE unless you area banker.