Tuesday, May 25, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Heartland Chapter 7f

We got cleared to cross about thirty minutes later. Every single dog had taken a dump, much to the kids amusement.  Me and Thursday were getting into the truck when one of the officers yelled at us to "Clean up that dog shit!" I waved, smiled, and we kept going.

Thursday was grumpy. I wanted to kid him about it but I didn't know him well enough too. He hadn't eaten his melon so I asked him for it.

"No." Was his reply.

"No? Just like that?" I was disappointed.

"Yes. Just like that." Yep. He was grumpy.

We rode in silence for about five minutes and I figured we were getting close to the town.So I told him "Look Thursday. I appreciate the ride an all. Drop us off outside of town and I will walk in from there." I didn't think it would all that much of a walk. Hell, I would be surprised if the town center took up more than five blocks. I just wanted to leave the dogs somewhere an outside of town was the best bet. With a little luck they could scare up a deer on their own while I was gone. I doubted it.

He surprised me when he answered me with "No. I will stay with you. You and the boy will need a ride out of town.  Plus...I am a warrior. You might need me."

I guess I didn't look impressed by his claim. I told him "Sure." I was thinking he was right. We would need a ride back. Maybe even further. With or without him.


  1. Nova,

    Twelve (12!) installments and not a dead body in sight.........is G getting soft?

    Excellent as always..........thanks.

    Ed S.

  2. I have a feeling we will be reading about some heads with sledge hammer shaped dents fore long.


  3. Ed,

    You know I thought the same thing. I was writing and thinking "G needs to kill some people soon." I think I am doing character development but soon...

  4. A dead body today and a thankyou on thorsday. :D

    I loved these past posts. I hope they arent too hard to write but I love the character info and attitude I get to see as you lay the foundation for the next butt whipping.

    Woof rules!

  5. rsj,

    Hey! Yeah. I like Woof too

  6. As much as this breaks with standard AA themes of G wasting everybody, I feel it adds a lot to the story as a whole.

    At this point we know very little of what is going on outside of G's near person. I suppose that is partly his personality.

    Still I sometimes wonder what is going on in other parts of america. Now that there is at least some food production you would expect some sort of patchwork communications network.

    I'm getting my HAM certification and you could "easily" bounce signals off the sky to communicate the goings on. Even if the burners took a lot of the infrastructure down, there is a whole lot of other things in space and on the ground. Nuclear installations for one


  7. I'm agreeing with TheDreamer. If Thursday ends up being who we think he will be it's going to be a crazy blood bath to see who killed more to 'sacrifice' to the double headed diesel for fuel. G can really let lose. I'm changing my mind on Thursday staying around long after his journey with G. Freya being Freya won't want to share the lime light of worship (women are possessive). Maybe they will have a amicable split where Thursday starts up his own horde but isn't with the Feds. No one can really forget who failed the people and led to this situation, those that do are fit to die.


  8. thedreamer,

    There is. The border stop had a radio that was running off a generator. The PRC or Prick is a military radio used at the company level and below.

    My guess is there are layers of communication. Each layer for the most part under the control of different fragments. The feds would still have great comm in some places of the US and very little, except high level in others.

    The US military would still have good comm down to the battalion level but not so good into the civilian infrastructure.

    The civilian parts would have next to none up to cell phones depending on where they were. Everyone would be using the fastest comm know to man --- gossip.