Monday, May 24, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Heartland Chapter 7e

The couple settled down. Well, as much as you can while scanning your perimeter and watching the kids simultaneously.

Their story wasn't all that interesting. They were vague about how they survived. Just like nobody ever admitted to being a mortgage broker -- no one ever mentioned eating the neighbors. They had been working somewhere in the Delmarva area. They didn't say where. "Probably a chicken plucking factory" I thought. It had been rough. They had made it across a bridge, probably to one of the beach towns before it was closed. The car from Texas? They had "found" it.  We're they lying to me? Sure.  I didn't care. They asked me questions and my replies just as vague or lied myself.

What was interesting was why they were here. They wanted to be disciples of the Colonel.  The male, Juan, was pretty straight forward about it. "You know it's like this. The world is fucked. It ain't coming back either. What he wants is us to be is good members of the community. Worship Jeebus." His woman added, somewhat bitterly I thought "And him." He got pissed "Yeah. So fucking what. As long as he feeds us and lets our kids grow up somewhere safe I am fine with that. Nowadays that's a good fucking deal."  She put her hand on his leg and started quieting him down "I know. I know. This just not the America I expected." He snorted and continued "And you know what?" Here his eyes bored into me "The man don't care what color you are as long as you follow the rules. You got any idea how rare that is right now?"

"What about Aztlan?" I asked him. I was genuinely curious.

They both laughed. "Aztlan." He laughed again "C'mon. We ain't going back to the barrio. I want toilets that flush inside my house brother."


  1. nova,
    Not sure if you can glean anything from this but I stumbled across a 1st person account of a robbery that resulted in an exchange of gunfire.

    Photo's here:

  2. woodeneye sez,

    tree-hung aired-out. goat-shit enlightenment. Flies, no water, thirsty. Sun, wind, flies... thirsty. really thirsty. Yeah, ASH tree. Day one and two, try to remember score and dialogue, ASH TREE, remember ash tree, flies, crap, god-damn. mainly, it hurts. bad. water, no water, it hurts fucking flies. thirsty, mostly thirstly sun no goddam water flies.
    ASH tree hung, time flies, water scores time rivulets , tongue dried and hung. Yeah, right, now I remember, Ash, fucking tree, ongoing day -to-day, fucking flesh-of-tree. This g0-round, snot-blown hacked-up , livelyhood. day three four and five, low-life getting by. Jacked-up over-wired mother-fucker. hung, still, ash-up. bloated day till day six, relative calm , spiral down dew-skinned. Seven day, lucky seven, skin-flaked , flesh wire-bound acquires color palette unlife unto its on.
    frame over all, upholding corruption, ASH tree. eight remains unspoken. nine, that day, longed for and dreaded, dawned twinned-sunned doomed, ASH-cracked. Old man climbed down, shook-hisself off. good eye blinked at ravens croak...


  3. WE,
    And I thought *I* was insane...

  4. Mike,

    Thanks. You never know. Just like some ogf the best parties I ever went to were on Thursday night.

    I like it. WE is a poet.


    i thought this link was sort of appropriate with the breakdown of techonology and everyone loves a flush toliet instead of the outhouse or squatting over a trench

  6. Hello Nova! I just wanted to let you know i randomly came across A.A. a few weeks ago and have been reading it religiously for the last few weeks. I finally caught up to you today and thought you should know i love it...Unfortunately now i get to do the waiting game like everyone else. Just one question, what ever happened to Max's friend from the Marines? The one that was leading a group into Ohio, and owes him a favor for the Tetanus shot. Also i really like the character you built up named Loco, hope he sees many adventures in the future alongside Gardner and Max! props on the Thor's day reference..Since you introduced us to Friday first, and Thursday second, am i wrong to assume we will be meeting Wednesday next...Or shall i say Woden?


  7. huh, I had to Google Aztlan. That's interesting.
    I miss Night! :-D :-D

    I will be patient. Carry on.

  8. -Yerubbaal

    Hey, Thanks for reading. Max's friend ended up impaled on a pole.

    I Woden tell you if I could :]


    Night will be back. In fact in the back of my head I am thinking of writing an AA from her POV

  9. No not Tommy!

    The guy from A.A. II Chapter 9.


  10. matt,

    Thanks. I have not had time to look at it yet but I will.

    Yep, Tommy. I don't do happy endings.

  11. lol i mean to say no, i'm not talking about Tommy. My communications skill suck online. in A.A.II chapter 9 when they are traveling to Tommy's farm they come across a group of fellow travelers who look like they know what they are doing. It turns out that Max knows the "black leader" of this group named Dakota. they give him a tetanus shot and he owes max a favor because of this. then they part ways...ringing any bells? lol i been waiting for this guy to come back in to the story and haven't heard anything about him yet. Ok i'll shut it now and let you get back to writing

  12. -Yerubbaal

    Not a problem. He is still alive and out there as far as I know. My guess is they will run across him again.

  13. ugh the parents situation is the worst but probably the most common. The father wants to protect his family and make the best choice for their safety. It's short sighted and the mom knows it but can't provide a better solution so she goes along with it. This sucks because if their children are abused later the finger pointing won't stop and destroy the family. They probably have had to kill/eat a person or two but are still holding onto the way things were before when you could shield your kids from violence (V-chips/parental controls). Pretty much the best way to protect your kids would be to desensitize them early if you can. There are too many lions roaming around to let your kid be a lamb.


  14. FaradaySheildedHeadgearBrigadeMay 26, 2010 at 12:14 PM

    Our poet has been reading - perhaps 'American Gods' from Gaiman. His style is like a dark mirror of Pavel, discordia in place of order.