Monday, May 17, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Heartland Chapter 5d

"It's all right Woof" I said. Woof looked at me quizzically but shut up. Once he did the others did too. Reluctantly. The Escort looked me, tried to smile, and said "Thanks. I guess I should find something for them to eat." I looked at him and said "Yeah. That might be a good idea." I had unhooked my camelbak and had filled it up during this. I hefted it, and left the water running for the dogs to drink out of. Not the most sanitary thing to do, wasteful too, but I didn't really care. It wasn't like I planned on living here. My escort didn't like it but he didn't say anything.

To kill time as each dog, Woof first, took their turns, I asked him "So what are you going to do for fun around here?" He laughed bitterly and replied "Yeah. Not a whole lot to do since them devil worshipers ran off with the women. I tell you buddy, they had some hot ones here. We used to run down here when we were in the area. They had this one...shit what was her name...Sheryl I think..yeah, that was it. She'd suck your knob off if you said you would get a note to her boy." He laughed. I knew that laugh. It was the good old boy join in and say something witty like "Ya don't say" or "Damn. That sounds hot! Wish I'd got me some." Instead I dropped down and began messing with my left boot lace. I didn't think he needed to see my face yet. Hoping I sounded casual I said "No shit. What happened to the kid?"

"Last I heard he was about thirty miles east of here at Kid Camp. probably been there being one of the Colonels an all." I looked over. There was still one dog waiting to drink. Well, I decided to give him a choice of beverages." I reached over my left shoulder, found the hilt of the sword, pulled it, came up pivoting like I was hitting a fastball, whispered "Freya" and cut threw his right arm at the bicep and buried the blade in his ribcage after slicing through the side panel of his body armor. I think that must have hurt by his expression.

The arm dropped to the floor with a meaty thunk. He asked me "Why?" Disbelief in his eyes and blood jetting from the severed limb. I stepped back. I didn't want to get hosed by stumpy. "Why?" I replied "Because your a piece of shit. That's why." Not one of my snappier lines I will admit but it was true. Behind and around me the Harley was warming up again. I looked over at Woof and said "Lunch time" and stepped away. I sheathed the blade wet, something I didn't like to do, but I didn't plan on letting the blood dry on it. I didn't worry about him screaming. Woof always went for the throat.

When I went though the door of the main house it was like deja vu all over again. Three guys at the table, Brother in the big chair. The only difference was this Brother asked "Where's Al?" I grinned, and said "Oh. He's feeding the dogs." Then I killed them. I suppose I could have asked some questions. Maybe sat down and had something to eat with them. Maybe even be diplomatic and learn important secret stuff.

Or I could have kept Brother alive and tortured him. I wouldn't have minded torturing him. I had never done it before, well, maybe once or twice, but I didn't give a shit. I was going to go house to house and kill everybody in this fucking town and then burn it to the ground. Nobody here was going to be living when I was done. Nothing was going to be standing to be remembered or used again when I left.


  1. Some people just never learn when to STFU. Gardener and Woof teach 'em the hard way.

  2. Nova,
    Very nice. The "Woof Pack" is back and our main
    man is in an unrestrained blood rage. Perfect.

    One suggestion, if you are willing to pursue it, is that you get very graphic with the death and destruction caused by both Gardener and the "Woof Pack". Your discretion.

    The reason I ask that is that EVERYONE, whether fictional or in the flesh, should realize that there are serious retributions
    involved in the mistreatment of ladies...

    Just my thinking, do what you want. :D