Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Apocalypse IV - Heartland Chapter 8b

She said "I see. Please wait here." She disappeared down a hallway and I listened to her footsteps until she went inside an office at the end of it. She whispered "They're here." I heard a male voice reply "Thank you Mrs. Greene." She came back to us smiling and said Mr. Lowell will be with you in a minute." She went about doing what had to be busywork. He made us wait of course. I was being remarkably patient I thought. Too bad Night wasn't here to see it. She would have approved. Thursday was not good at patience. After a couple minutes he said "Where is this Mr Lowell? Perhaps we should go find him."

Mrs Greene heard this and sent a disapproving stare our way. We both ignored it.  After about seven minutes I was done with being patient and was going to go find him when I heard a chair squeak and the heavy footsteps of a large and graceless man coming towards us down the hallway. I almost laughed out loud. Mr Lowell was wearing a Scoutmasters uniform that looked two sizes too big for him. There were a few additions. Like the black plastic handgun in the brown leather holster. He was beaming, balding and needed to start wearing sunblock from the looks of his florid face. I hated him on sight. The hand he extended was as soft as I expected.  He smelled like old cum and sweat.

He extended his hand to Thursday. He ignored it. Instead he told him "Make us wait again and they will be able to mail your head to your Mother in an envelope."  I laughed. I liked that. I was surprised by the dropping of the medieval thing but I guess he didn't like to wait anymore than I did. I told him "We're here for Zane Morton on behalf of his Mother."

"I see." He looked down at his boots which were nicely polished. Took his index finger and rubbed his nose, then said "Certainly. We do have procedures." He looked over his shoulder at the woman and said "Please explain to these gentlemen the procedures." Then he started to walk away. That was a mistake. I went over the countertop and landed in front of him. I grabbed him by the shirt, twisted, and slammed him against the counter hard. He winced and groaned. Then I hit him in the sweet spot right below the rib cage. Mrs Greene started moving and without looking at her I said "Don't." She froze.


  1. nova,
    darn, I wanted to post under your musings something like "keep doing this! Your thoughts are interesting!", but this episode beckoned like a siren's call.

    Being made to wait is, of course, one of the hallmarks of an inferior in a hierarchical organization.

    Poor Zane. I hope he had not been set up as the school scapegoat.

    Your musings were noteworthy. There is a literary technique, and I don't know what it's called, wherein the author breaks from the narrative and speaks directly to the reader. It's seen in 19C novels frequently, and is so characteristic of that period that it's used as a parodic device. So, you could insert your musings into the narrative. Just sayin'.

    Thank you for a series of great episodes!

  2. nicely done.

    I cant wait to meet Zane myself. I can tell already that gardener is going to take one look at him and go krakatoa on the entire adult population of the school. I can feel it!

  3. zapo,

    no. I think you might like it. thanks :}


    no. I think this is a new G. Full of wisdom and caring...then again..

  4. Mail your head to your mother in an envelope has just replaced my favorite phrase of stomp your guts out.

    Love it.

    Jim in MO.

  5. Suuuuuure. A new G. Pooping unicorns and rainbows wherever he walks....riiiiiiight.

    well, it is your story. I guess he could ....nyahh who am i kidding?snicker

  6. Loved the "smelled like old cum and sweat" line.Your knowledge of the third reich comes through from time to time in your understanding of the humans a totalitarian society is built with.

  7. every time there is a new entry here i get all excited and a big grin appears. a new chapter in G's story? perfect for bedtime

  8. Jim,

    Why not? You could use USPS Flat Rate postage....


  9. "If it fits, it ships."

    Jim in MO.

  10. Every adolescent detainee's dream - watching the hated authority figure get taken down.

  11. hahahahah Yay! Violence! I'm a terrible person... :-P